Komplettlösung Stonekeep

Look for the Yang symbol. Place the Yin symbol on it. That opens up two secret doorways. Go west to the wall, then head south. Actually, heal your party a bit first - once you get to a certain square, the Shadowking shows up and blasts the hell out of you for about 60-80 points of damage. Fortunately enough, he only does this once. Walk down south again so you have a short passage off to your left. Turn right and push the button to open the passage's other end. Do not go through; continue south to the wall, east 1, south to the wall, west 2, south 1. Note the REALLY big orb. This is Marif's Orb. Use the Shrink rune on it to get it to a size you can manage, then take it. Walk south to the wall, then east over to the Dwarf.

It's Farli! He's back! YAY! (I think) Once he joins the party, walk west + take your right. North 2, east 1. Look around for a button. Push it, then go east to the wall, south three. Turn to face the Dark Mirror and smash the hell out of it FAST (it'll start throwing Firebolts if you wait too long). Then grab a shard of the mirror and go north 3, west four, look for a button, and push it. Then go west to the wall, north 1, west to the wall, and south to take on the lesser and greater skeletons. Now, as SOON as one collapses, grab either his sword, helm, or skull IMMEDIATELY, or he'll re-form and attack again! Do this with both of 'em. Nasty, huh? Take one step west, go south and take your first left. Take one step (and ONLY one step) east. Wahooka, after all this time, shows up again-and this time, he joins your party.

30. Take one step west. Go south through the door to the wall. Go east three squares, and north 1. Open the chest to find a heal potion and super heal potion. East to the wall, south two squares (through the one-way passageway). Go west through the door. Kill off the skeletons (remember the trick), then go west all the way through the second door and to the wall, then south to the chest to find another heal, super heal, and poison cure potion. Ready a weapon. Turn around and walk 2 east (through the illusory wall). You'll be attacked by a couple floating skulls. Kill 'em off, then go east 7 squares, turn south, and walk through the illusory wall.

Pick up the thing on the floor; part of the Shadow Weapon. VERY cool - but only part of it. Now walk two north, 1 east, 1 south, 1 east. Prepare for battle again, then walk through the dark mirror. You'll be beset by a set of Shadow Skulls. After they're toast, take two steps east through (yep, you guessed it) another illusory wall. Take one step south. Before you do the next thing, check your stats to determine what your best weapon skill is. Then put the part you just found onto the base-the top will morph from weapon to weapon - sword, hammer, dagger, ax, spear - every few seconds. When it becomes the one you're best at, GRAB IT! You now have the most powerful weapon in the game. Feel safe? No? Good.

Go north 1, west 2 to the mirror, through the mirror, one more west, north 1, west all the way to and through the illusionary wall, then north 1, east through the door, further east through the door and to the wall, then south through the door and waste the two skeletons. South to the wall, west 1, south 1, west to and through the door, west through the second door, north two (watch for floating skulls), west 2, north through the door, north through the second door, north through another door, kill the floating skulls, north more (check the chest to the east for more super heal potions) to the next door, through that and north MORE through the next door, to the wall. Then east to the wall, north 2, east through two doors, waste the small skeletons, then through the door - and to the wall. You're back almost where you started. Now for some real fun. Mark this spot as X .

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.03.1996
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