Komplettlösung Stonekeep

31. South to the wall. East 1, south 4, west 1. North 2 through illusionary wall, west 2 through illusionary wall, 2 south. You're teleported. Kill skeleton, then touch the green thing in the wall to heal you and Farli (the others'll have to suffer, I guess). Now go north through the oneway passage, then follow it north all the way back to the spot marked X . Go south to the wall, east 1, south 4, east through the mirror. North to the wall, east 1, north 2, west 3, south to the wall, east 1, south 2, west 2, south 2, west 3, north 1, west to the wall, south 8, 1 west, south and take your left. Get that shadow-weapon ready NOW!

March on down the hallway east to meet Scourge. Three floating skulls - may not seem like much. Yeah, right. Each skull can do a different kind of damage, and only the Shadow-Weapon can hurt him so BASH HIM. This is a good place to save the game, by the way - he's tough! Once you manage to defeat him, walk north to the wall, east to the wall, and south 2. Turn east + step through the dark mirror to teleport to the other side of the palace. Go south to the wall, then east to the wall. Push the button. Go 4 north, then through the now-open door. You're back in the Temple of Throggi! Why? You'll see. Grab the heal roots + scarf 'em. Then stand in the square where you found the heal roots for at least 10 seconds. Turn left twice, then turn right four times.

The whole party is poisoned with an unusual sort of poison - as in, it actually heals 3 points of damage up to your maximum every 15 seconds for the next 90 minutes! Nice, huh? Now go back through the dark mirror, and west to the wall, then 2 south, and 1 east. A little conversation will come up. Use the Dark mirror shard on Drake to reveal a skull door. Open it, then climb the stairs - and welcome to the tower of the Shadowking. Oh boy, are YOU in trouble now.

32. Walk up to the Gatekeeper Gargoyle. He asks you two questions. Do you want to enter the Shadows? Answer NO by pressing the Red button. (Would you really WANT to enter the Shadows? I don't think so.) Then he'll ask Do you NEED to enter the Shadows? Answer YES by pressing the green button. If you whine because you're colorblind, the triangle is YES and the square is NO. Set up one runecaster with the Shield rune, as well as a x3 Power Metarune on it. You'll be needing it. 2 steps north, east through the door to the wall. Open the panel. A puzzle. Joy. Now, the solution you could get by freeing the ensorcelled Dwarves on the basement level, but hey, if you wanted to do that, you wouldn't have bothered with this walkthrough.

So here's the solution - there's a grid of 16 tiles in the puzzle. Click on the ones marked X below:

1 2 3 4
1 X X
2 X
3 X
4 X X

Now go west 4, north 2, west through the door. Note the floating spikers that attack you. Kill 'em with a piercing weapon, but watch out! They explode (jump back!). Continue west to the wall, north to the wall, east to the wall, north to the wall, 1 more north (illusory wall), 1 east, north through another illusory wall to the wall. Turn east and walk up to the porticullis. There's a button on the north wall. Push it to open the porticullis. Take one step east and kill the floating spiker that comes through the illusory wall. Now then - read the next section VERY CAREFULLY! Back west, where you have to go, is a nearly invincible giant spiker, who can turn your whole party to mincemeat, no matter how well armored you are.

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
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  • Release: 01.03.1996
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