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So, here's how to deal with him. And don't screw this up! Turn around and march west to the spiker's location. He'll start coming after you. Back up rapidly away from it (still facing it) until you get to the square beyond the porticullis. Turn right and back up three squares. Wait for the spiker to come into the room. When it's right in the same square as you are, turn left or right twice quickly (so you're now facing south). The spiker should spin with you. Back up three steps rapidly, turn left, back up one space, turn left again and whack that button! The porticullis will close, and if you did it fast enough, the spiker will be trapped behind it. Nice! NOW, march west down the corridor to the wall, go 1 south, then 1 west through the illusory wall.

Pick up the silver ankh you find on the ground. Now go east through the wall again, to the real wall, north 1, east 5, south 5 (through another illusory wall), west 1, south 1 through the illusory wall and south 2 more, then west to the wall, south 2, east 6 (through the door), south 2, west 2 through the door, kill the floating skull, and continue west to the other door. Open it to go to the second floor of the tower.

33. Use that Shield rune (w/Power x3 and Ball enhancements). Arm up a cutting weapon. Go 2 east, 1 south, then head east down the corridor. Note the fire elemental. If you didn't put that Shield rune up, you're toast. Literally. But with it, you'll kick butt. Do so. Take your second left (should be where the elemental appeared). North 6, east 2, kill elemental. East to wall, south 1 to teleport. Ignore the scroll on the ground unless you want to read a silly inside joke from the designers. Go 1 north, then east to the wall (kill the elemental). When you get to the wall, take 1 step north. Set up a Circle Rune here. Wait; notice the energy bolt slamming into the wall? Hmmm. Time for some timing. Wait until one slams in, then RUN north to the wall immediately after it hits.

Now go 2 east, and 1 south. Once again, wait until an energy bolt flies past (NOT when it hits) and QUICKLY go 1 south, 2 east, 1 south. PHEW. Grab the silver crescent. Now you've gotta go back! You can repeat this process in reverse to get out, or, if you took my advice, just cast the return rune to warp back to the spot just south of the energybolts. Anyway, once you get to that spot, go 1 south, east to the wall, south 1 through the teleporter. Go 1 north, west to the wall, south to the wall, east to the wall, north 1, east 1, north 1, east 1, north to the ankh on the wall. Step into the wall to teleport (you need that silver ankh from the first floor for it to work).

Go 2 west, north to the wall (kill the elementals - you ARE checking that Shield rune occasionally, right?), east 1, north 1, east 1, north 1, east to the wall, south to the wall, west 1, south through the door and to the wall, west 1 and pick up the silver cross, then east 1, north through the door and to the wall, east 1, north 4 squares, west through the door to teleport again. Walk east through the door + kill the elemental, then east to the wall, south to the wall, west 1. Face the south wall and step through it to teleport to the third floor of the Shadowking's tower.

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.03.1996
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