Komplettlösung Stonekeep

34. Fire up that Shield rune again - or else! Go south 1, west all the way to the wall, north 2, turn east + kill the elemental, north to the wall, and pick up the silver circle. Go east to the wall, south 3, east 3, north to the wall, west 1. Welcome to Hell. Go 2 squares north, then I suggest you retreat one square - there's 4 elementals in that hall, and they'll hit you from both sides! Sure hope you got that shield active! Anyway, once they're all dead, go north to the wall, west to the wall, north 2, and then east 2. Note the flashing icons. Ready? Step on through to the top floor of the Tower of the Shadowking. Go east to the wall, south to the wall, 1 west, 1 south, 1 west, then north 1 through a 1-way door.

Go north 1, east 1, north 2, west 1. Enigma mentions this must be the room where the Gods were trapped. Hmmmm - the Shadowking is a god, isn't he? Hmmmm. Take ONE more step forward (west). Note the four sunken pillars (one's in front of you) surrounding a center square. If you step onto that center square, the Shadowking will appear and blow you to hell, so DO NOT DO THAT! Instead, put one of your silver items down on the sunken pillar in front of you. It'll rise up from the floor. Now go 2 east, 2 south, west 1, south 1, west 2, north 2. Place a second silver item on the sunken pillar in front of you. Go south two, west 2, north 1, west 1, north 2, east 2. Place the third silver item on the sunken pillar in front of you. Now go west 2, north 3, east three through the one-way door. Save your game! Take two steps south. Take a deep breath, and READ THIS NEXT SEGMENT CAREFULLY FIRST!

35. Take one more step south into that square. The Shadowking appears, along with Thera's Orb and Kor-soggoth's Orb. He goes through his little spiel, then tells you to take the last 2 orbs. Do so. He then tries to cast a spell on you. It won't work. He THEN tells you to give him the orbs. Yeah, right. Take one step backwards, IMMEDIATELY open your inventory, grab the last silver item and put it on the last sunken pedestal in front of you. It rises up, and the Shadowking is trapped! You can grab his Orb if you want, it doesn't matter. Go south to the flashing silver icons on the wall. Step through the wall; all your buddies disappear, and you're alone in the temple of Thera.

Note the pillars. One should be glowing. This is the last puzzle. Place the orbs on the pedestal in the proper order. The orbs correspond to the planets of the solar system and their relative distance to the sun is the order to place them in. For those of you who are confused, or just plain don't remember Astronomy 101, follow this: Place each orb in order on the GLOWING pillar. As you place an orb, another pillar starts glowing to let you know that's the next one to place an orb on. The correct order of orbs is: Helion (Mercury), Aquila (Venus), Thera (Earth), Azrael (Mars), Marif (Jupiter), Afri (Saturn), Safrinni (Uranus). The last two (since their orbits alternately are closer to the sun) can be in either order - Yoth-Soggoth (Neptune) or Kor-Soggoth (Pluto). Once all nine are placed, the game goes into endgame sequence and you've won. GAME OVER, MAN!

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
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  • Release: 01.03.1996
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