Komplettlösung Stonekeep

When you pull the lever, a room opens up to your immediate west. In there is a chest with a heal potion, an agility gain potion, and a strength gain potion. Exit through the north door and follow the corridor to the left. Open the first door on the right with the bronze key, and slay the Sharga. Then go north up the corridor. Note the dead Sharga. The west wall in the square where he is has a trap; throw skulls into the square to trigger it and fire two arrows. Do this three times, then it's out of ammo. Grab the arrows, and go north. Throw something at the Sharga. Two more will jump out to help him in a moment. Check the east wall for a hidden heal potion. Take the three scrolls from the bookcase.

Exit the room and go south, then west to the locked door. Unlock it, then go east, through the other door into the corridor. Go five south, three east, then two south and unlock the door with the brass key. Ignore the barrel, but check the brick on the south wall for a heal potion. Exit and go south one, then west and open the door. Punch the rubble for a coin and a heal root. Exit and go three north, three east, five north, three east, then turn south and open the door. There's eight ants wandering around in here; kill 'em all. You'll find a few arrows and a quarterstaff. Head south, and grab the helm near the forge. Also punch the rubble to find a throwing axe. Then go east. Check the bricks on the west wall for a heal root.

Use the steel key to open the chest and take the small metal shield. Now exit back to the corridor and continue east, unlocking the south door with the bronze key. Smash the barrels to find three oil bombs. Now weave your way all the way back to the northernmost passage. Go east along it, then turn north, and then east again. Turn south at the intersection and unlock the door with the brass key. Go through the door, and you'll wind up in another room.

5. Smash the barrel. About 50 ants will come out to attack you, so if you need weapons training and are in good shape, stick around and kill 'em all! Exit the room, head north, west, north, and west. Go through the door at the end of the hallway. Follow the corridor around to the south and open the southern door. Kill the ants, and check the east wall for a hidden switch. A secret room with a chest (locked, can open with bronze key) is to the south - it has three oil bombs. Now head back to the stairs that lead down. Proceed to the easternmost north-south corridor. Head all the way south, killing whatever gets in your way. Go around the square to your left, then head south and go west.

Take your first northern passage. You'll find a throwing stones bag. Go back to the corridor, and continue west a couple squares, then turn north, unlock the door with the brass key and equip the leather leggings you find. Go back to the corridor, and head west, south 1, west, north 1, west, south 1, west, north 1. Check the north wall and pull the lever. Turn west and find the secret room in the north wall just a little ways up. Grab the heal potion and the broadsword. Now head west, north, west, north at the intersection. Take your fourth right, through the door, and unlock the door to the north with the steel key. It's the stairs down to level 2. (From here on in, I ignore secret stuff and just go for the essentials.)

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.03.1996
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