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6. Welcome to level 2. Go north, then east. Meet Wahooka. DO NOT ATTACK HIM! Talk to him. He wants something valuable. Go through the door, continue east. Go south. You'll probably meet your first slime now (Slimes, by the way, are more vulnerable to cuts than crushes, so use a sword or axe. Or fire. Slimes are afraid of fire). At the corridor, turn east and go through the first door on your right. Waste the slime + pick up the gem it leaves behind. Go back to Wahooka's spot and give him the gem. Now go back to the corridor. Go east to the wall. Turn south. Walk through the south wall - it's an illusion. Kill the Sharga, then go south to the wall (which is really another illusion, but ignore it for now).

Turn left and walk to the wall. Turn south. Take your first passage left. Go to the end of the corridor. Turn left and go north to the wall. Turn left and go through the door. Kill the slime, then check its corpse for the ivory key (useful stuff!) Go back east to the wall. Turn south and take your next door on your right. Open it with the ivory key; Farli Mallestone will join you. Now head south to the wall. Turn west and go two squares west. Mark this spot on your map as, say SECRET PLACE. Now go west to the wall, then turn north. Go to the wall, turn west. Walk to the wall, turn north. Go up to the (illusory) wall, and turn east. Walk to the wall. Turn south, and walk to the wall. Turn east, and unlock the door with the ivory key, but don't go through.

This may seem like a fool's errand, but it comes in handy later. Head all the way back to the spot you just marked as SECRET PLACE on your map. Then turn south (facing the wall) and walk through (illusion again) Kill the two Shargas and get the iron key. Turn east and walk to the wall. Turn south and proceed to the fountain; drinking from it heals you. I suggest, if you have my UGE module, save your game here and exit to get the location. When you are hurt, you can teleport back here for an instant heal, then teleport back to wherever you were. VERY useful trick.

7. Now head back to the illusory wall. Turn south, and go through the door. Keep going south, turn west. Go west, and take the corridor to the south to the wall. Turn right, and go through the door. Whack the Sharga guard, then keep going west. At the square between door #2 and door #3 to your right, check the north wall for a scroll with a Meta Rune, which will enhance your runecaster's runes - when you find the runecaster, that is. Keep going west. Turn north, then wesr again. Go north, east, north, west. Push the button on the wall (seals the pit to your north). Go north to the wall, then east to the wall. Turn south and head to the wall (there should be a lock in front of you, but no door in sight).

Whack the Sharga that guards it. Unlock the lock with the ivory key; a wall opens up to your right. Go through it. Head south, but stop short of the circular stone in the floor. Drop a skull on it. Three arrows shoot out. Now pick up the skull, then drop it on there again. Three more shoot out. Pick up the skull, and pick up the six arrows. Continue along the corridor, and do the same process with the other three circular floor stones...by the end, you'll have 24 arrows. Not a bad deal! Keep following the passage to a door. Unlock it with the ivory key, and go through. Waste the two slimes; one will drop your first runecaster. Pick it up. Read the three scrolls on the shelf.

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.03.1996
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