Komplettlösung Stonekeep

Then proceed north and take out the backup Shagra. Keep going north. Then turn west and start walking. Wahooka puts in an appearance and asks for three heads of men long dead. Now turn around, and plod back to the east wall. Head south all the way to the wall (this'll reset Wahooka). Go back north to the wall, and turn west again. At the same spot, Wahooka will reappear, demanding his payment. Give 'em three skulls. He'll give you a triangle key. If you keep going west, and climb the stairs, you'll be back in Lower Ruins of Stonekeep - if you performed that fool's errand I mentioned before, this'll be a shortcut. If you didn't, you'll be on the wrong side of a locked door.

9. Follow your map back to the SECRET PLACE. Go through the illusory wall, and go south through the door to the south wall. Turn west, then go south along the passage three squares. Turn right, and there should be another of those cylinder thingys. Put your second cylinder in it; this will drain the sewers (and make a certain beast a LOT less difficult to deal with). Now trudge all the way back to the entrance to the sewers you just came through (I know the other way's shorter, but saving Sewer trip time is certainly better than saving Lower Ruins trip time). Head back east, then north, then east to the wall, then south to the wall, then west five squares.

You should hear some wind. Turn north and walk through the secret passage. There's a chest here. Use the triangle key on it. You'll find a firedagger, oil bombs, and a rune scroll. Inscribe this new rune (a shrink rune) over your cure rune. Okay, here we go - head west to the wall, north one square, west to the wall, north two squares, west two squares, north to the wall, east one square, north through the floodgate to the wall, east one square, north one square, east to the wall, south one square, east to the wall. Clever adventurers will remember this is where is told you NOT to take that one step south. Guess what. Get your runecaster up and ready, then take that one step south. Turn left IMMEDIATELY, and fire the shrink rune at that thing.

I even think that's what it's called. A thing . Well, that'll chop it down to size slightly. Do NOT attempt to engage it in hand-to-tentacle. Keep your distance and fire power enhanced (with that meta rune) firebolts at it. Eventually, it'll keel over. When it does, it drops a dragon statuette. Grab that. Now head back to where you first saw the Thing, walk to the east wall, turn south, and take your first left. Walk through the secret passage in front of you. Follow it down; you'll wind up at a stairwell eventually. Take it up to yet another part of the lower ruins. After all that, a locked door. Fortunately, FARLI has the key (gee, it's a good thing you rescued him, isn't it?). He'll open it and you just bravely march on through.

Head south to the wall, and follow the passage to the east. Turn south at the wall, and go to the south wall. Turn west and march two squares west. Turn north and put the dragon statuette on the altar. It opens a passage to the south. Go south through the passage, and you'll be transported to Level 4: The Sharga Mines. Yeah. This has been the EASY part so far.

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.03.1996
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