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10. Now that you're on Level 4, keep this in mind: Not ALL the Shargas on this level are to be slaughtered. Matter of fact, there's some downright good ones on this level. Go west. Do NOT attack the wasp; it's just checking you out. You don't attack it, and the swarm of 100 wasps doesn't attack you. Get the picture? Good. Now turn north to the wall, west to the wall, north again, turn east and walk one square. Kill the Shargas. Check the rubble to find a Silence Rune (very useful, all things considered). All right, now head back west to the wall, south three steps, west three steps (kill the Sharga if you want, or if he charges you), then south to the wall, west to the wall, and south to the wall again.

Turn east. See that fungus thingy? If you take a step closer to it, it'll sound an alarm that summons some Sharga guards. If you don't think this is a big deal, go ahead and walk up to it. Otherwise, blast it with Firebolts. Walk to where it was, and turn south. Go two steps, and check the west wall. Press the button, and turn around. In the room that opens, you'll find a Mana Circle and a Lesser Aerial Magick rune. Go back to where you saw the toadstool. You might want to mark GO BACK HERE on your map; I'll be referring to this point again. Now head west, north, east, north to the wall-this puts you in line with another of those toadstools. Waste it and the Shargas.

Then follow the passage around until you meet the two Shargas-kill them, and head north, then east one square, north again (you'll note once you get to a certain point, the ceiling collapses behind you. No problem. Whack away at it with a weapon to clear it away) to the wall, west to the wall, south to the wall, east one square, south (waste the two MORE Shargas - these guys are everywhere) to the wall, one square west, south to the wall, east to the wall, south to the wall, one square west, south through the door to the wall, east (take out the Shargas) to the wall, north one square, east to the wall, south to the wall, west two squares, north one square -open the chest and take the money bag and two coins.

Go west (kill the three Shargas) to the wall. Go north, east, north (kill the exploding fungus), west one square, north to the wall, west one square, north (do NOT attack the wasp nest) to the wall, east (kill the exploding fungus) to the wall, north to the door. Push the button on the west wall to unlock the door. Go through + kill the Sharga. Now go north one square, mark this spot with a DOOR DOWN on your map, and turn west. Go through the door. Go west to the wall, then due south. Ignore the first right for the time being - you'll be back soon enough. Walk south to the wall, then west one square, south one square. Go west, and take your first left. Go south (kill the Shargas and smash through the cave-in) to the wall.

Turn west + walk to the wall (kill the Sharga). Mark this spot with an X on your map. Now go north, then turn west. Waste the Sharga guards, then go west into the room. Pick everything up, including (important) the skull key. Now walk back to that turn I told you to ignore before. Go down that western passage and free the dwarf with the skull key. This is Karzak Hardstone. He's in bad shape-heal him up before you go any further, and arm him - he's a tough bastard. He joins your party immediately.

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
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  • Release: 01.03.1996
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