Komplettlösung Stonekeep

13. Do NOT kill the Sharga. Just wait. You'll strike up a conversation with him. Follow him. He'll open a secret door. Kill the snake beyond, then follow him again home . Do NOT attack any Shargas along the way; they won't bother you. Talk to Skrag. He recharges your runecasters. Go past him into the alcove. Smash the barrel. Push the button. Go into the room that opens up, and open the chest. Get the rune scroll, at least; it's another metarune - which enhances the potency of spells. Very nice! Now go back to where Skrag was, go one north, west to the wall, south one, west four, and turn north. See the little Shagra?

For some reason, the other guys here don't mind when this guy gets it, so walk up to him. He'll tell you not to open the door. Open the door anyway. See the BIG Sharga? Well, whack the little guy anyway (This is only for humor value). Go walk up to the big Sharga and kill him. Take his six coins, blue and green gems, and check the barrels-you'll find some more red mushrooms in one. Go back into the east-west corridor and keep going west. Go north, west to the wall, north, west to the wall, north to the wall, and west to the door. Use the key you got from the Ettin's chest on this one, and go through - into the Throg Temple, also known as Level 5.

14. Level 5. Another guy to rescue, another orb to get. Sigh. Okay, head south and waste the fungus. When you get to the wall, go west three, and turn south. Go through the door. Wahooka shows up. Hand him any item except an orb. Offer him another item (anything but an orb). Now hand him any weapon or armor item (one of those eighty billion Sharga swords you have by now will do). He'll give you some not-so-free advice. Go back to the corridor. Go west to the wall, north one square, west to the wall, and north to the wall. Turn right and smash the two barrels. You'll find a dead Dwarf, and a short conversation.

Then pick up his stuff - a blue gem, battle axe, armor ring (equip Drake with this) and two scrolls. Turn around, walk west to the wall, south four squares, west to the wall. Now you're in a little trapped maze, so follow this: Turn north + walk to the wall, turn west + walk two squares, turn south + walk four squares, turn west + walk two squares, turn north + walk two squares, turn west + walk to the wall, turn south + walk one square, then turn west out of the maze. Follow the passage west to the little room. Search the refuse for Dombur's Helm. Exit back to the east and take your first left. Walk north to the wall. Turn west + walk all the way to the wall (ignore everything unless it attacks you).

Now turn south, go through the door, and down into the Temple of Throggi (note: there's one rune I'm skipping in this walkthrough, but you've already got it the feather fall <<, also because you'd have to kill THREE of those tentacle - things you met in the sewers. Not fun.)

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.03.1996
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