Another Fine Mess: Komplettlösung Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

GET TLTDH gas. Go east. Go north. USE wrench on N2 tank. USE antigrav unit on N2 tank. Go south. Go west (top red door). USE wrench on knobs (to turn off gas feed). USE antigrav unit to get O2 tank. USE N2 tank in the place where O2 tank was. USE wrench to turn on gas feed. USE synthesizer. GET bottle of ammonia. Go east. USE bottle of ammonia (greyish-blue) on nozzle. USE virus sample on chamber (same machine as ammonia is plugged into). USE Bones on machine. GET cure. Go west. USE cure on synthesizer. USE synthesizer. GET hypo. USE hypo on Spock. Go east. Go north. USE TLTDH gas on vent. Go south. USE stairs. USE hypo on Romulans. USE water on Romulans. Go north. USE humans (untie them). USE hypo on Romulan. Talk to Romulan.

Another Fine Mess

Go to Navigation and select Harlequin. After the fight, go to Navigation and select Harrapa. Beam over to the ship (make sure shields are down). GET the lens, degrimer, and dodecagon (small yellow sphere). USE the lens on the degrimer. Go north. To the left is a panel with triangles on it. USE Spock on the blue triangles. USE Spock on the purple triangle. There are two doors on the far wall. One to the right (clearly visible) and one to the left (look behind the standing row of powerboosters). Go through the right door. You will enter a sick bay. Go north (don't go back into the weapons room). USE the control panel.

GET the repair tool (to the right of the right chair). Go down but make sure you click on the left section of the screen (you don't want to go back to the sick bay yet). USE Spock on the big dodecagon in the middle of the room. USE the tricorder on the sphere. USE Spock on the sphere again. USE the small dodecagon (in your inventory) on the big one. Go north. USE the control panel (you will be able to access Communications and View Screen). Don't beam over yet. USE Spock on the control panel (you will be able to access Sensors, Navigation and Engineering). Go south. USE Spock on Mudd. GET the vial (in the main monitoring station). USE the vial on the monitoring station. USE Bones on Mudd. Go north. USE the panel (communications) and tell Scotty to beam you over.

Feathered Serpent

Go to Navigation and select Digifal. After talking to the Klingons, enter standard Orbit. Talk to Spock. Beam down. Talk to the man. You'll be transported into a pit. GET the rocks. USE the rocks on the snake's hole. GET the snake. USE the rocks on the vine that you can't reach (twice). Go west. Go west. TALK to the man. USE the snake on the man. USE the rock on the man (twice). GET the sword. Go west. Go north. USE the sword on the plant at the base of the log. USE the plant on the creature. Move across the log (just click like crazy on the left side of the screen until you get it right). Go across the log and go west.

USE the sword on the dilithium (red crystal in the center of the screen). Go west. You'll talk with Quetz, then you'll beam back to the ship. After this, the three Klingon ships will intercept you. Make sure NOT to offend them, because you don't want a battle on your hands (unless you're really really good, or have the cheat, which I haven't seen out yet). If you do what I had in mind, Quetz (and your OA team) will then go to a trial. After you beam down to the court, USE the symbol in the center of the screen. You'll talk to Vlict. Intervene on his behalf for a warrior's trial. You'll then be put on the Test of Life. You'll be beamed into a room. GET the wooden beam. USE your full phaser to melt some rock on the floor.

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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC, GB, NES
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 10/1994, keine Angabe
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