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There you are, floating around space in your ship, alarm bells ringing in your ears. Obviously, something's about to happen. Get the tape library, then get up and go Starboard into the Bridge. Push the red button, which will shut off the alarm bell, and read the screen. This will tell you which object on your map is the one to head for. Now, there's no way I can tell you the exact coordinates, as the destination changes from game to game. However, it isn't hard to figure out what they are. Once you've done that, sit down in the control couch and fasten the belt. Now you have to enter the course into the computer, which is done as follows: Computer, range is x, theta is y, phi is z.

The computer will ask you to confirm the new course, which you do by saying, Computer, confirm new program. After that, you're off! And now it's time for the hallmark of all Infocom games: Waiting! You'll sit in the couch, and wait until you arrive at the alien ship and you are captured by it (however, you can enjoy the verbose descriptions while you wait). Once your ship is down on the dock, unfasten the belt, get up, and go Starboard into the storage room. Get the suit, put it on, then get the line. Head Portwards back to the bridge. Fun times with airlocks begin now. Open the inner door, go out, close the inner door, open the outer door, and go out. Get used to doing that, because you'll be doing it again, and again!

So, now you're on the Red Dock, and there's a strange-looking sculpture here. Closer examination, and a little thought, shows that it's a representation of the solar system. Aha! Could it be? You press the fourth bump, and strange things happen. Press the small bump, and a black rod appears. Get the rod, and the outer airlock door opens! Okay, go inside (close outer, open inner, etc.), and you are in a Red Hall. At this point, you might want to save the game, and just wander around, doing some mapping. Actually, I recommend that you do so, since there will be a point in the game where I won't be able to give you specific directional instructions. Now that you've checked out the territory a bit, restore to your original entry point.

You're ready for the great rod hunt, because the object of the game is to activtate and control the artifact, which is done via different colored rods. Right now, you want the red one, so, go North, then West into the Room on Ring Two. From there, North into the Zoo, and East into the rat-ant cage. The red rod is part of the nest, and you just can't reach over and get it. This is one of the very few times in an Infocom where violence is necessary. Throw the tape library at the nest, which will be smashed. While the rat-ants look at you in terror, grab the red rod and the tape library. Now it's time for the yellow rod, so head along West, South, West, which will bring you to the Blue Hall. Go South once and you're at the Blue Airlock.

Open the door, go down, close inner door, etc. When you reach the Blue Dock, go until you come to the Spider-like alien. It's quite intelligent and even friendly. Give it the tape library, and in return you will get the yellow rod. Take that, and make your way back to the Blue Hall. You have two rods, and you will be using them now. From the Blue Hall, go up, and you're in the Grasslands. Go South to the Thin Forest, open the hatch there, and go down into the Repair Room. Put the yellow rod in the yellow slot. That turns on the lights in the Yellow Hallway. Put the red rod in the second red slot. Make sure it's the second; this will provide a breathable atmosphere for you. Now, get the metal square, and go up, then North, then down again to the Blue Hall.

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