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From there, West to the Yellow Hall and Yellow Airlock. You know the drill by now, but there's an extra feature this time. You will have to try to open the outer door twice. Also, while you're in the Yellow Airlock, pick up the basket; it will come in very handy! Once on the Yellow Dock, tie the line to the suit and then to the hook. Head Portwards, get the pink rod, put it in the basket, then go back Starboard to the dock, untie yourself, and return to the Yellow Hall. Now, it's time for the blue rod. Go South twice, then East once. You are in a laboratory with a mysterious silver globe floating in mid-air. Inside the globe, although you can't see it now, is a blue rod. It's easy to get, however. Take the two disks off the wall.

Put one on the floor, and one under the globe. It doesn't matter which way you do it, the result will be the same. Put the basket on the globe, then turn the dial to 4. The basket suddenly appears on the disk on the floor, with the blue rod! Turn the dial to 1, then get both disks, the basket, and the blue rod. Put the rod in the basket. In fact, put all rods in the basket when you get them. Okay, there's still plenty of rods to collect, so let's keep moving! Head West, then North four times to the end of the hallway, then West to the Room on Ring One, and South from there into the Computer Room. Open the panel on the computer, then insert the metal square into the slot. Turn on the computer, and you will get a gold rod.

Don't worry about all the displays; they aren't important to you. Now comes more waiting. What you're waiting for this time is the mechanical mouse that collects trash. So, move around until it makes an appearance. As soon as it does, drop one of the disks. The mouse will pick it up. After that, you must follow the mouse around until it disappears into a secret door in one of the rooms. There are several different rooms where the mouse can do this, so you must follow it. Wait there until it reappears and leaves, wait a little longer to make sure it won't come back, then drop the other disk on the floor and step on it. Zap! You're in the Garage! Pick up the disk, then empty the trash bin until you find the green rod.

Go North and you will be in the Room on Ring Four. You are now in the Room on Ring Four. Now, this is why you had to do some mapping on your own. You must get the other disk you dropped, and there's no telling exactly in which room that was. So, you must explore on your own until you find the disk. Once you've done that, make your way to the Blue Hall where the airlock is. From there, go North twice, then West into the Observatory. Drop off one of the disks, then hike along East, South, East, East, South, East into the Weasel Village, and then East once more to the Village Center. Wait around a short while, and the Weasel chief will appear. He will indicate that he wants your space suit.

That's no problem, since the air will remain breathable, and you don't need the suit anymore. So, give it to him. Then, when he wants to give you something in return, point to the brown rod he wears around his neck. He will give it to you, and start to leave. Follow him! Think of all this following around as good practice for Deadline . Continue to follow him, until you arrive at the Center of the Warren. Then climb down the ladder to the Green Airlock and do the usual job with the doors. From the dock, go West to the Umbilical, then West again to the Cargo Hold. Pick up the visor fragment, then go Forward into the Control Room of the wrecked ship. Move the skeleton, and you will find a violet rod.

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