Komplettlösung Starcross

Now, drop the disk on the floor, and step on it. If you attempt to leave the way you came, the Weasels will kill you for disturbing their shrine. So, now you've materialized in the Observatory, and it's time to pick up another rod. Look at projector through visor. Aha! A clear rod. Sneaky, huh? Get the rod, drop the visor, then move along East, then South three times to the Melted Spot, then West into the Weapons Deck. Get the genuine Ray-gun, and look inside it. A silver rod! Get that, then East and North, and up to the Grasslands, because it's time to get this show on the road. Now, trek on South twice to the Dense Forest, then East to the base of the tree. Climb the tree, all the way up to the top, then jump to the Drive Bubble.

Insert the silver rod into the slot, then enter the bubble. There's a white rod here; get that and put it into the white slot. Under no circumstances should you insert the black rod into the black slot! That will shut everything down! Okay, the drive mechanism has been activated; now you have to make the thing move. So, out, and up to the top of the Bubble, and jump! Isn't floating in air fun? However, you still have some things to do yet, so shoot the gun at the Drive Bubble three times, which will bring you to the Control Bubble. Go Down, then put the gold rod in the slot, and enter the Bubble. Inside, you will find the slots for the remaining rods. Put each rod in the slot of its own color.

Now, at last, you're ready to bring the artifact to life! Touch the large pink square, and the scene in the small one will change to show the inner solar system. Now touch the brown spot until a picture of Earth appears. Press the violet one until a ellipse shows (it must be an ellipse), then press the green spot, and flashing lights appear. And last, but certainly not least, the final move. Touch the blue spot, which activates everything, and brings the alien ship safely to Earth! Of course, it isn't over yet! That final remark by the alien sounded a little ominous. I have a feeling you'll be heading out again into space sooner than you might think!

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