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The game can be one in many different orders. The first time I played the game through, I followed a different order to win the game, and even skipped a few things. Also, be aware that somethings in the game are time based, and appear a certain number of days after you have completed a certain task. If you can't progress, save the game, and wait a few game days and see if anything happens.

Contacting League Members

Go to Helios 3 and talk with the Earthling base commander. Then proceed to Helios 4 and fight with the Daktaklakpak. Take the artifact there. Go to Goshen 4, and talk with the Spathi. Go to Astarte 1, and talk with the Syreen Go to Salacia 2, and talk with the Vux. Go to Janus 8, and talk with the Mycon. Go to Arcadia 6, and talk with the Pkunk. Go to Formalhaut 5, and talk with the Utwig. At this point, you may receive a distress call from Janus 8. You should go there and talk with the Mycon, then with the Vux. Go to Velpunia 6, and talk with the Ur-quan. Make sure to take some/all of the ships there. Go to Hypnus 2, and talk with the Chmmr. Go to Nyx 1, and enter the Quasi-space portal. You'll meet the Orz. Then go to Muhlifain 7, the Orz homeworld.

Exploring Space

Make sure to take the Ebon Hinge on Muhilifain 2. Wait until the Picus system dissappears, and then go there. At Astarte 1, you can converse with the Syreen about the Orz. Go to Izanagi 5, and talk with the Vyro-Ingo. They won't join you, yet. Go to Typhon 3, and talk with the Harika. They won't join you either. Go to Enkidu 7, and talk with the Claircontlar. At Enkidu 4C you can get a conc rock. You can give it to the Claircontlar, and get more from Enkidu 4C, but they still won't help you, yet. Go to Argus 5, and talk with the K'tang. Go to Cerberus, and talk with the Doogs. Note: There are several Doog worlds, any of them will give the same results.

Go to Anshar 3. Be prepared to fight the Exquivans. Talk to them afterwards. At this point, the Eltanin system should collapse. (You might have to wait a bit. Maybe not.) Be prepared to fight a long battle! Go to Goshen 4. The Spathi will complain a bit. Go to Janus 8. Confront the Mycon about their deep children. This happens after the Earthlings find out about the Mycon (Time related, I think). Go to Janus 1 to talk with the deep child. Then confront the Mycon again. They will leave the league, so pull Mycon off the Deep Child ship to start a new colony. Go to Formalhaut 5. The Utwig have lost their Ultron (Time related). Go to Goshen 4. The cowardly Spathi will quit the league. Come back, and threaten to attack them.

They will tell you many secrets. Make sure to come back several times and say: Got any hot tips? They will tell you many different things, even though you've said the same line before. Go to Salacia 2. Confront the Vux about the Ultron. Go to Argus 5, and talk with the K'tang to learn some new things. Go to Zosma 6, and talk with the XChaggers. Go to Arcadia 6, and ask the Pkunk about it. Go to Erato 6, and recover the Ultron from the Vux by force. Go to Salacia 2, and confront the Vux again. Go to all the Doog worlds, and buy their colonies with RU's. You'll need about 10.000 RU's per colony. Afterwards, talk with the Doogs, and get the Anti-matter Containment Grid. Go to Zosma 6, and get the XChagger ships to hold the lost dynasies of XChaggers.

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Star Control 3

Star Control 3
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