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Go to Typhon 6 and Gienah 1, and cure the Harika plague. After the Chmmr have been bifircated, (not by you) go to Hypnus 2. Go to Astarte 1, and have the Syreen revive the Chenjesu. Go to Arcadia 6, and ask the Pkunk about the missing Ultron pieces. Go to Nebusta 1 get an Ultron piece. The other piece is on Caduceus 4, use it to fix the Ultron. Take it to the Utwig, but you'll find it's still broken. Go to Mnemosyne 1, after the Harika plague has been cured. Get the Anti-matter Scoop. Go to Anshar 3, and reason with the Exquivans. At this point, the Tyche system should collapse. Go there to check it out. Go to Astarte 1, and learn about the Exquivan situation. Go to Anshar 3, and confront the Exquivans.

Go to Arcadia 6, and check out how the Pkunk are doing. Go to Astarte 1, and have the Syreen mind-wipe a tech team to explore Anshar 3. Go to Anshar 3, and use the tech team to explore the planet. Go to Astarte 1, and check out the Pkunk again. Go to Anshar 3, and learn some stuff on the Exquivans. After the Vux have been revealed as traitors, go to Salacia 2 and kick 'em out of the league. When the new Q-Space portal is discovered, to Azazel, and use to portal to travel to Haven. Be prepared to fight the Lk. Go to Antaeus 1, and get the Red Spiral Rail. Then go back to Q-Space G and give it to the Lk. Get a conc rock from Enkidu 4C, if you don't have one, and show it to the Lk. Go to Enkidu 7, and threaten the Claircontlar.

Lure them to Enkidu 4C, then return to gain information from them. When a beacon is discovered (time related), go to Callipe 2. Wait until Plexor arrives, then talk with him. After the Arilou tell you to, go to Izanagi 5, and ally with the Vyro-Ingo. After you get the Vyro-Ingo DNA model (time related), take it to the Lk at Azazel. They will tell you some stuff on it. Go back to Izanagi 5, and talk to the Vyro-Ingo about the DNA. Wait until the Vux DNA is discovered. Go back the Lk, and ask them how to join the two. Join the DNA, and show it to the Vyro-Ingo. Take some of their ships, and go to Salacia. Select a Vyro-Ingo ship and send it to Salacia 2. The two races will join together. Go to Salacia 2 and talk with the new Vux.

They will give you the missing piece to the Ultron. Take it to Formalhaut 5. (Note: The Ultron does not need to be repaired to win the game) Go to Goshen 4, and talk to the Spathi. Be prepared to fight them. Go to Mnemosyne 1, and you should be able to get an Anti-matter Explorer from the Owa. Go to all 9 of the rainbow worlds, and use the Anti-matter Scoop to collect anti-matter into the Anti-matter Containment Grid. Collect any artifacts you come across. You will find the Mother Ark. Go to Zosma 6, and have the XChagger fix the Mother Ark. Go to Hypnus 2, and revive the Chmmr. You will need the Mother Ark and the Sun Device from the Lk. (Note: I don't think you have to revive the Chmmr to win the game) Find a Daktaklakpak ship and talk with them.

Let them come to you. After one game day, if they're not moving, they won't come. If you come to them, they will attack. Some systems where they come to you are: Penates, Themis, Scylla, and Lachesis. Trade with them for the Variance Key. Go to Begregren 2. Wait until you get a message about the Ortogs from the Earthlings. Go to Zosma 6, and ask the XChagger for an Ortog. Go to Begregren 2, and use the Variance key. You should get the Deflector, and the Sentience Notation Device. You can give the Deflector to the Lk, I don't see what good it's for. Nothing happened when I neglected giving it to them, though.

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Star Control 3

Star Control 3
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