Komplettlösung Sorcerer

Well, you took care of Krill and returned to the Guild Hall in triumph, but things don't look good for you at the moment. Not when you're standing there facing the slavering jaws of a vicious hellhound! Fortunately for you, this time, it's only a dream, so just wait, and you will wake up in your room in the Guild Hall. However, it's a bit dark in here, so Frotz your spellbook, get up, and head West into the hallway. Read the note on your door if you like, although it's not all that important. It just lets you know you are here alone. Now's a good a time as any to tell you that not all the spells you know will be useful in the game, nor all the potions you will find. So unless you're told specifically to take an item, you can safely ignore it.

Now, head along South down the hall until you reach the Lobby. Go West into the Store Room, and pick up the Ochre Vial and the matchbook. Open the vialand drink the potion, which will prevent you from becoming hungry and thirsty. Drop the now-empty vial. Read the matchbook if you like, then return East and place the matchbook in the receptacle. Moving North twice, and West once, brings you to Belboz's quarters. Listen to the bird as you lift the wall hanging, revealing a key. Now examine the desk and open the drawer. Inside are several items, but the only useful one is the journal. Use the key to unlock the journal, then read it. Make careful note of the day's code! Go East to the hall again, South once, and West into Helistar's room.

Here you will find a scroll of Gaspar. Take and Gnusto the scroll, then head back to the hall, and South to the Lobby. By this time, you've probably heard the doorbell chime, which means the mail's in. Open the receptacle, and inside is an issue of Popular Enchanting and an Orange Vial. Get the vial, then go East into the Library. There is a scroll of Meef here. Get and Gnusto that one. Now, it's time to leave this place. If you've played the game before, you know that if you try going out the main entrance, you will be stopped. You may also know that if you don't get out, you will eventually fall asleep and find yourself in the Room of Living Death, which is MOST unpleasant, and from which there is no escape.

So, now's the time to get a move on! Head down into the Cellar, where the trunk is. There are five buttons on the trunk, and each one is a different color. The sequence to open the trunk is keyed to the code of the day in the journal, and will change with each game. The code itself is the colors of a monster from the Infotater. Whatever monster was noted in the journal, look it up on the Infotater, and make note of its colors, and what order they are in. Save the game (just in case, because if you make even one little error, you will not be able to open the trunk), then press the buttons in the proper order as given in the Infotater. If you've done it right, the trunk lid will spring open by itself after you push the last button.

If the trunk does not open, restore the game and try again. Ok, so now you have the moldy scroll of Aimfiz, which is one of those complex ones that you can only use once. Actually, you only need to use it once, so that's no problem. All you have to do is figure out which person you want to exchange places with. Since there aren't too many choices, it won't take you long to discover it's none other than Belboz himself. So, Aimfiz Belboz, and you're out of the Hall and on your way to visiting Jeear! Ok, so now you're out of the Hall, but look where the spell took you: to the same forest you were dreaming of at the start of the game. And there's the Hellhound, too! And this time, it's no dream!

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