Komplettlösung Sorcerer

You better not wait around this time, so immediately head Northeast to the Forest Edge. Here you will find a Snake Hole, as well as paths North and East. The North path is mined with magical mines. This is a red herring in the game, as there is no way to go safely along the path. You can ignore it without fear of missing something important. The Snake Hole is another matter, so climb down into it, and then down again to the Slimy Room, and South from there into the Crater. Go West to the Chasm's Edge. You can't jump across the chasm, but flying over is no problem. Learn Izyuk twice, cast it on yourself once. Now just go West twice and you will be on the other side. Go North, and you will be in a room with what appears to be a tree of coins.

However, that's an illusion, and you will only be able to get one coin. Take it, return to the Chasm Edge, then Izyuk and fly back across. Now go back the way you came, all the way to the Forest Edge. This time, go East to the Meadow (don't stop to admire scenery; those are mean locusts on the horizon), then Northeast to the Riverbank. Learn the Pulver spell, then Pulver the river. It will dry up, and you can move East into the river, where you will see a small cave to the Northeast. Go there. Inside, you will find several items. Get the scroll with the Fweep spell, and Gnusto it. Then get the bat guano, but leave the vial; it has no use in the game. Now go down the hole, and you will be at the Pit of Bones.

If you go South, you will find the Torture Chamber, which has another useless potion, so go Southwest into the Dungeon instead. From here, go up into the Ruins. Learn Izyuk again, then go West across the drawbridge (careful, don't fall in), then West again to the Meadow, where you now cast Izyuk on yourself. You have time to do that and move before the locusts arrive. Once you're flying, go Northeast to the Riverbank, and this time, Southeast to the Fort Entrance. You need to use Izyuk because the river bank has a distressing tendency to crumble after the first visit. Around about now, you're probably feeling sleepy. Don't worry about it, just lie down and sack out for awhile. You may or may not have a strange dream.

Ignore any dreams, as they are just for show , and have no important clues to the game. When you waken again, go East into the Parade Ground. There is a flag at the top of a tall flagpole; lower the flag and search it. You will find an Aqua Vial. Take that, it will come in handy later. Now, go East again, and you will be at the cannon. If you look inside, you will see what appears to be a pile of scrolls. Actually, they are not scrolls at all, but a group of Yipples, peacefully sleeping in the barrel. However, there is one real scroll in there, and you will need it later. So, drop the bat guano into the barrel, and the Yipples will take off, leaving the real scroll, with the Yonk spell for you to take.

You are now just about finished above ground. Return to the entrance, learn Izyuk twice, and fly Northwest to the River Bank, and Southwest to the meadow. Here you should Izyuk again (the drawbridge is like the river bank) and go East twice to the Ruins. From the Ruins, go down into the Dungeon, down again to the Highway, and then East to the Toll Gate and the sleeping Gnome. Wake him up and give him your Zorkmid. He'll open the gate, then promptly fall asleep again. Go East through the gate. Ignore the store; that's another red herring in the game. Continue East to the End of the Highway. There's a hut here, but we won't be looking in there just now.

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