Komplettlösung Sorcerer

Suddenly, your Older Self appears, sliding down from the Upper Chute! Listen carefully, and your twin will tell you a number. Make careful note of it! Now, hand your spellbook to your Twin, who will take it and dive down the Lower Chute. Go East to the Dial Room. There is a dial on the door, which can be set to any number from 0 - 873. Set it to the number your Twin just gave you. This isalso a variable number and will change from game to game. Then open the door, and go into the Shaft Bottom. Get the rope. Make sure that you have nothing with you now but that rope. If you have anything else, drop it. Climb up to the Shaft Top. Go Southwest into the mine. A timber is here (doesn't that bring back fond memories of Zork?).

Tie the rope to the timber, then continue on Northwest and West. You are now at the top of the Upper Chute. Put the beam across the chute, then drop the rope down the chute. Finally, climb down the rope, and you will be in the Slanted Room. There is a scroll here, and also an opened lantern. Get the scroll, and Golmac yourself back in time. Now open the lantern, and get the Vardik spell. Time is running short, so go East down the chute into the Coal Bin room, where you will see . . . your Younger Self! Now, most important: you must do as your twin did before! Tell your Twin the combination to the Dial Room door. Now your Twin will give you the spellbook, just as you did earlier (really one of the neater parts of this game).

As soon as you have the book, go down the Lower Chute to the Lagoon. Ah, air again! Take a deep breath, then sleep awhile, because you're probbaly tired again. Now learn Meef twice, Swanzo, once drop the spellbook, and go East into the Lagoon. Dive down to the bottom, and Meef the Spenseweeds, revealing a crate. Get the crate and return to shore. Drop and open the crate. Inside, among other things, is a can of grue repellant. Get that, and walk Northeast along the Ocean Shore and North to the Mouth of the River. There is a cave to the West, it's entrance covered by nasty-looking vines. Meef the vines, and Vardik yourself. Now, spray the repellant on yourself and enter the cave. Wow! Grues are everwhere, and they don't fear the light! Fortunately though, the repellant still works. However, I wouldn't advise staying around!

So, move along West and you will come to three doors. Two of them lead to very unpleasant circumstances. You don't want those, so open the white door. Inside the room is Belboz, who is possessed by the demon Jeear. Swanzo Belboz, and the demon will leave him, and attempt to enter your mind! But the Vardik spell will keep him out, and, with no host available, he will vanish! Belboz will now regain his senses, and will magic the both of you back to the Guild Hall. Here Belboz announces his retirement, and names you as the new head of the Circle! Congratulations, Sorcerer!

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