Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo

Getting Holmes' Attraction

Goals: Get Holmes' attraction to investigate the case


The story unfold with an exploding prolog. Holmes' brother has been injured in a severe bomb attack at Diogenes Club. It depressed Holmes' that he won't do the investigation. First part, you're Watson. Outside the famous 221B Baker Street, you see a paper stand. Wake up Wiggins. Talk to him.



Talk to Constable. He won't let you in. Talk to Augie, the vendor. He'll tell you something to distract the constable's attraction. Talk to constable again, now, he'll inform you about several important places.



Talk to the patient and the Matron. Look at the Morgue sign and Ward sign. Look at he patient upstair. Look at the mural on the back wall. Talk to Matron about the patient. Talk to the injured patient about the ward. Talk back to Matron until you tell her that you want to see McCabe, your partner at the morgue. Now go inside the morgue. Talk to McCabe. Ask him about evidence from the body and ask him to let you pass to the ward through the secret pass. Go left to the ward. Talk to the sister. Talk to Mycroft. Read his chart. Look at the nightstand, examine it. Now talk again to sister. Ask her to get some water for Mycroft. Talk to Mycroft about the reason he invited Holmes to the club. Get his ring from his hand. Now go out.



Try to rumble the debris for evidence. But you'll find nothing. Talk to constable Fobes. Man, no one gets in except the member of the club. Ok, just show him the ring. He lets you in. Go inside. Look at the cabinet door on the left side. Try to open the door. Look at the small box on the floor (in front of the bar). Examine it. Enter the archway. Look at the clock on the floor. Examine the clock (discover the round face of the clock). Touch the clock. Examine the round face (discover some clue about some strange residue). Pick up the round face.



Talk to Wiggins. Ask her to monitor Holmes if he goes out. Go in. Knock at the bedroom's door. Talk to Holmes. He still not want to begin his investigation until there are some evidence about the foul play. Ok Holmes you ask for it ! Use the lab table. Analyze the clock face. Use the scraper with the clock face. Use sodium sulfate with the beaker. Use distilled water with the beaker. Use matches with the burner (BANG! Now Holmes is attracted !).

Get the Permission

Goals: In this part you must gain a permission from Lestrade to continue your investigation.



Open the small box near the door. Look at it. Open the bedroom door. Open the wardrobe. Examine and model the 2 costumes. Save it for later uses. Open the portmanteau, it's on the foot of the bed. You discover some cosmetics for disguise. Save it for later. Examine the picture on the wall. For amusement, you can play the violin on the bed or listening to some music (play the wax cylinder and crank the gramophone). Go out. Talk to Dr. Watson. Now you can look at his journal. Open the roll-top desk.

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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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