Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo


Ask him about the analysis. He'll tell you to meet Lloyd Jones, ex-bomb specialist.



Talk to his sister about the house. Look at the piano and the books. Ask Lloyd about the bomb. He keeps his mouth shut. Ask him about the piano and the visitor to his home. Discuss the situation with Watson. He'll tell you to wait until his sister left than talk again to him. Go out. Re-enter his house. Now you'll see him sleeping. Wake him up. Ask him again about the bomb's incident. Discuss it with Watson. Examine the books, hmm, bombing experience. Inspect the alarm clock. Man, it has the same system with the bomb at Diogenes club. Try to play the piano's panel. Strange it's not working. Open the piano. Aha!

Another secret compartment. Remove the cigar box. Look and smell at it. Look and examine the bank notes. Hey, it's a lot of money involved. Consfiscate it. Ask about all the things you found with Lloyd. Now he gives you his buyer name, Vincent.



Check out the bank notes with Rumsey. He admits that he made it.



Talk to his sister about Lloyd. He's already dead. Poor guy. Gives some money to her. Ask her about the piano. Man, now we meet another dead end. Now, we must find another ways to discover the incident.


<headlineImportant Witness: Mrs. Ratchet<(headline Goals: Gain info from Mrs. Ratchet.



Discuss with Watson about her profile. Ask her again about Petigrew. This time, she'll call Petigrew. Ask him about Sir Avery's favourite places. He told you to go to St. James Park.



Ask Wilbur about Sir Avery. He told you to go to the lake. Go there. Try to talk to Hodgson, his bodyguard. He won't let you talk to Sir Avery. Discuss it with Watson. Go to Wilbur hangouts. Ask him to help you ditract Hodgson's attention. His pet, Fred the monkey, will help you. Watch the funny sequence. Now talk to Sir Avery. Man, he's a bird lover. Get his attention by feeding the bird with the bird's feed. Now ask Sir Avery about the case. He'll inform you about Mrs. Ratchet's address. Go there.



Look at the drunk. Ask him about Mrs. Ratchet. Try to enter the doss house. Yes, the neighbours aren't very friendly at all. Talk to the children. Give them money for some info about Mrs. Ratchet. Damn, they fool me. Try to gather info about Mrs. Ratchet from the tinker and the prostitutes. Not work! They only suggest you to watch out in this neighbourhood. Discuss the situation with Watson. Enter the phrenologist studio. Talk to Fr. Totman. Rose will show up when you discuss the problem with Watson. Talk to Rose. Discuss the situation with Watson. You can test the skull, the calliper, the brain and do everything fun in this studio.

Show Rose the hat, ransom, envelope, summon, and the permission to Rose. Strange, she says that the writer of the envelope is a man, not a woman.



Inspect the produce outside the shop. Hmm, old goods. Enter the shop. Talk to the propieter. Ask the guard about Mrs. Ratchet. Not work, he can't speak. Look at the shelves, stock, the bread, and the apple. Buy it. Talk to the propietor about Mrs. Ratchet. He won't talk. Buy the bread. Drop it. Now pick it up. Try to open the code book. The propieter will forbid you. Must use different approach. Discuss it with Watson to deal with the guard. Ask the propieter for a marmalade. While he's picking it up on the shelves, read the code book. Talk about it with him. Still not work.


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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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