The Truth about the Formul: Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo


Order Wiggins to get info about Mrs. Ratchet. Just go anywhere for a while than ask Wiggins for the result. He says, that the propieter is her son. Hmm, ok, that's it, go upstair to your house. Enter the bedroom. Wear the labour costume. You'll be at the greengrocers automatically.



Talk to the propietor. Tell him that you need to inspect Mrs. Ratchet. Enter the door. Talk to Mrs. Ratchet. She needs proof. Show her your card, ring, snuff box, and the summary. She ask more from you. OK, now examine the room. Test the cheese, look at the work box, examine it, dump it, and you'll find a seal wax. Look at it, the compare it with the one in your inventory. Hmm, it's a match. Look at Mr. Ratchet. You must find a way to shut him up. Use the kindling on the fireplace.

Look at the coffee pot. Empty. Go downstair. Ask for caffeine with the propieter. Go upstair. Fill the coffee pot with caffeine. Then use the coffee pot. Now, it should shut him up. Talk again Mrs. Ratchet. She tells you that the formula isn't missing after all, and Whitney knows all about it. Damn, that lizard is lying to me. We'll see about that.


The Truth about the Formul

Goals: Find out what is exactly happened to the formula.



Ask Whitney about the formula. Now, he tells you to met him at the Ministry of Defence office.



Talk to Whitney about it. Examine the register and the document. Try to pick them up. Whitney will forbid you. That stupid man is making me mad! How about we burn this place up! Talk again to Whitney. Discuss it with Watson. Move to the far left of the room. Talk to the patrons. Tidy the paper on the ground. Then ignite the dustbin. Library on fire! Watch the scene, and you'll pick up the document and walk out.



Ask Jonas about Virgil. Buy the chocolate. Enter your house. Examine the formula on the lab table. Taste and smell it. Now analyze the formula. Use scissor with the document. Put piece in the beaker. Put Ferric Sulphate and distilled water in the beaker. It result in cyanide. Put iron nitrate in the beaker. That's it, it is a solution that had been used in photography. Go back to Ministry of Defence and ask Whitney about it. Alas, he won't let you in. Back again to your house.


Follow the Ring Track

Goals: Meet Bledshoe and find out about the ring.



A message from Farthington will arrive. Read it. Remember the ring. Now, it's time to analyze it. Put ferricsulphate in the beaker. Use matches with the burner. Put ring in the beaker. Use tweezer to pick the ring up from the beaker. Use rag to clean the ring. Use the magnifying glass to examine the ring. A name will pops up: Burlington Jewellery.



Talk with Bledshoe. Learn the fact from him.


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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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