The Mysterious Vincent: Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo


Talk to the guard and the seller. Show him the ring. Look in thering case. Examine it. Ask him about the ring. Compare the ring. Try to read the register. Not work. Must find another way. Examine the knickknack. Buy a gold toothpick. Examine the closed door behind the seller. Try to open it. Discuss the situation with Watson. Order him to handle the guard. Ask the seller to pick you up some jewellery in his safe. When he's inside, close the door. Now examine the register and peruse it. One name will pops up: Lady Cordelia. What's the connection between the kidnapper and the Lady???



Talk to Lawton about the ring. He'll avoid you and go away. So, there's something about the ring after all.


The Mysterious Vincent

Goals: Find out about Vincent and discover the shocking truth about Lawton.



Now it's time to make Lady Cordelia to speak. Enter the bedroom. Remember about the music sheet that Lady Cordelia said was wrong? It's time to check it out. The sheet is about Paganin's collection. Play the wax cylinder no. 3: it's Paganin. Crank the gramophone. Then quickly practice with your violin. Holmes will notice the error in the sheet.



Talk to Lady Cordelia about the error. Play the violin to show her the error. Then ask about Lord Lawton's strange behaviour. Inspect the engagement portrait. Now pops up from nowhere, I don't know why it wasn't there before, an important name: Hargrove Studios.



Look at the appointment book. Examine it. Notice the red ink on it that shows a lot of cancelled appointment. Look the Hargrove's card in your inventory. It's says about the studios opening date. Look portrait on the wall. Discuss the case with Watson. Look at the backdrop. Move it. Nothing there. Talk to Hargrove about his work. Hmm, he slip out about bhromide, that's interesting. Aha, he says about cyanide also. This is a match with the ingredients that has been found on the formula paper. Draw the curtain. Hey, that's pornographic stuff in there.



Look at the camera. Move it. Examine the rug. Hmm, there's a hollow here. Open the rug. Hmm, a safe cabinet. Try to open it. Locked! Look at the chemicals on the table. Look at the picture. Examine it. Look at the dressing screen. Examine it. That's definitely illegal stuff. Now, talk to Hargrove and force him to tell you the truth. Ask him about the cabinet's secret code. He told you a shocking truth about Lawton's involvement on pornographic pictures with Alexandria, queen of Wales. No wonder he'll do anything to cover it. And the Vincent guys, his true name is Scarret. Lady Cordelia is trying to protect Lawton's also.

Use the card to open the cabinet. Look at the folder. Peruse it. Than confisticate it. A half phone number will appear. Use folder with phone to check the number. Got it, Mistery Export/Import. Show the folder to Watson. Talk to him about the girl in the folder. Talk about it with Hargrove. Then show him the formula. Ask him about that. Now he'll break down and tell you the whole truth about Scarret. Call using the phone to check if Scarret is available on the place. Yes, he's there. Talk to Watson, then go out.


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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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