The Final Act: Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo


Torn the calendar on post. Look at the door. Try to open it. Hmm, locked. Then listen to it. Someone is there. Examine the lock. Hey, there's a key inside. Try to probe it. Too small. Slide the newspaper or the calendar under the door. Use the needle to push the key in lock. Retrieve the newspaper/calendar. Use the key to unlock the lock.



Look at the cabinet. Open it. Nothing. Look at the bookcase. Look at the desk. Look at the unsecured desk. Look at the small box beside the aquarium. Open it. Hmm, fish food. Dump it on the fish. Look at the cat under the chair. It looks hungry.

Look at the ledger on the desk. Pick up the ledger. Try to open the secured drawer. Locked! Ask the man about the key. Talk to the man. Look at the trident in the aquarium. Strange, it looks like a key. Look at the aquarium. Taste it. Try to get the trident. Wow, this carnivor fish are hungry. Ask the man about the fish. Try to break the aquarium with your hands. Wrong move Holmes. Talk to Watson about it. Shoot the aquarium with the gun. Get the trident. Unlock the secured drawer with the trident. Pick up german note, new fivers, and the negative. Now talk to te manager. He'll tell you all about Vincent, or he just name him Scarret. Use the telephone to test it. Then talk to Watson until he is understand the case.


The Final Act

Goals: Meet Vincent in the opium den.



Talk to Rumsey and ask him to give you some disguise. Talk again to Rumsey about it then go out.



Talk to the barman. Show him the matches. He asks you for a password. Hmm, that parrot is interesting. It should be the ear in the room. Talk to it. That's it: GOING EAST. That's the password. Tell it to the barman. Enter the curtain. Look at Scarret. Watch the shooting scene. Bang! Bang! Scarret is dead. Watch the scene that shows Holmes receiving the royal reward: Knight of the Distinguish Service Order. Yup, the case is closed with a simple note: the queen wants the case not to be told to the public. Then Holmes will burn the negative. And unfortunately, Mysteray is escaped.



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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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