Gathering Evidences: Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo

Get the bull's eye lantern and try to pick up the Billy stick (Watson disagree with you on bringing the stick). Now go out. Get some pebbles on the ground (you'll never now, maybe it'll be important later). You can call Wiggins by trying to remove his scarf on the fence. Talk to Wiggins. Talk to Rigby. Read the paper (you discover the Daily Telegraph's address). Purchase the paper. If you're hungry just sample the chocolate at the stand.



Talk to Augie, and try to collect infos about the explotion. He challenge you with a card game for the info. Play the game. Choose his HAND. Yup, he's cheating on you. Now, you hear some infos about some Irish terrorist, yeah, that common reason for British man. Now talk to Constable.

Offer him some hints about Augie's secret and he lets you in. Look at the old woman, bull pen, young women, the prisoner, the evidence cabinet, and the Sergeants of course. Talk to the desk sergeant. Keep on talking until he introduces you to Inspecteur Gregson. Talk to Gregson, ask him to give you permission to investigate the case. He said, he'll help you but he got no autorization. Darn, you must think for another idea! Talk to desk sergeant that the prisoner seems very ill. Ok, now talk to Dr. Watson about the prisoner. Tell desk sergeant that the prisoner is ill. He doesn't believe you. Ok, now look at the library. You'll notice a British Encyclopedia. Tell the desk sergeant about it. Voila, he realises that he makes a mistake. Now, Lestrade is available. Ask him to make you a permission.


Gathering Evidences

Goals: Find as much evidence as you can.



Just for fun, you can extinguish the torch by putting it in the vase. Look at the vase. Talk to Fobes. No one gets in except they have a permission. Oh yeah another bureaucracy. Show him the permission letter. Talk to him again. Enter the club. Open the cabinet door. Oops you break it. Examine the carpet. Look at the small box, examine and smell it (hmmm, tobacco). Pick it up. If you're thirsty just drink the brandy on the bar. Talk to Fobes. Gather evidence. Talk to Watson. Now, enter the archway. Look at the clock. Examine it. Hmm, there's a handle on it. Examine the handle. Pick it up. Examine the chair on the backside.

Look at the bookshelves, statue, bust, and everything you can. Try to release the chains, damn Fobes won't let you do that. Examine the wreckage. Try to search in it. Try to search in the beam. Now talk to Fobes. Gather info about some strange vase inside. Talk to Watson. Ask him to distract Fobes attention so you can search in the beam. Watson will leave and Fobes will follow him. Now, release the chain. Use the chain to pull the beam wreckage. Lit the lantern. Use it to light the wreckage. Now search it. You discover an evidence. Pick up your light. Talk to Watson. Get out.



Talk to matron. Ask het to let you in the morgue. Talk to Watson to find out the way. Talk back to Matron. She still not letting you in. What a bitch. Show her the permission to enter the morgue. And she still won't let you in. This woman is pissing me off. Look at the patients on the top floor. Hmm, she's sick. Look at the mural and the patient on the left. Examine him. Talk to him. Talk to matron about why she's leaving the patient on the corridor. Talk to Watson. He suggest you should distract her attention. Talk again to the left patient. Move him. Now it's fun. The matron will be angry and chase the patient.

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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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