Locating the Club's Member: Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo

Now you can enter the morgue. Talk to McCabe. Show him the permission. Ask him to let you examine the body. Examine, turn and smell the body (yuck!). Examine the other patient body on the left for fun. Ask him again to let you examine the clothes. Open the cabinet. Examine the clothes. Ask McCabe about the burn on Sir Hubert's back. Talk to Watson. Enter the ward. Talk to the sister. Read Mycroft's chart (you discover a receipt). Take and read the receipt. Talk to Mycroft. Talk to Watson. Go out.



Examine the plants near the door. Talk to the guard about it. Show him ID, Summon letter, and the permission letter. But he won't let you in. He ask for more evidence (he wants you to show him that you have the room key). Talk to the driver on the right.

Before you ask him, he walks away. Talk to Watson about it, then Watson will follow him. Wait until Watson is coming back. Talk to Watson about his research. Go to hospital. Talk to Matron. Now, you can threaten her. Show Matron the receipt. Push her to give you the key. Take it, go back to Mycroft flat. Shows key to man. Darn he still won't let you in. He's stubborn. The driver will come back now. Talk to him. Ask him to tell the guard that you're really SHERLOCK HOLMES! Now, he believes you. Now ask the guard to open the door.



Hey, that's a picture hanging above the fireplace. Move it. Aha, a safe. Open it and discover . . . nothing. Hmm, too common. Try to pick up the statue. Move it to the left, and find . . . nothing. Thumbs the bookshelves. Nothing either. Talk to Watson. Read the bible. Sit if you want. Go to the right, to the bedroom. Search the desk. Nothing, but wait. Move the candlestick. Lit it. Now examine the scrapfold. Hmm, a code: BQQMZ HIJKLMNO + BTU. Pick up the scrapfold. Read the dictionaries. Talk to Watson. Try to solve it (the answer is Apply water + fire). If you don't know how, just go to the hospital and ask Mycroft. He'll says about 'wet and warm'. If you want you can drink the glass of water beside Mycroft's bed. Back to your house. Analyze the foolscap on the lab table.

Put the water in the tray. Put the foolscap in it. Use matches with burner. Use the wet paper on burner. The message reads 'Seeks books in Greek'. Now, go back to Mycroft flat. Enter the flat. Thumbs the books. The result is: 'A name of a Poe - Manutius Aldine'. Find it in the bible. It is at the beginning. Peruse beg. And voila, you get a piece of BLANK parchment. This is the second tricky clues. Go to the bedroom. Examine the pen on the desk. Test, shake and taste it. Hmm. Back to your home. Analyze the parchment on the lab table. Use iodine and distilled water with the beaker. Light the burner. Hold the paper on the beaker. That's it, now you can read the message. It's about some conspiracy in the club over a formula.


Locating the Club's Member

Goal: Find out about the people who know about the accident and retrieve the formula.


Talk to Watson. Peruse the dictionaries on the roll-top table. Retrieve the adresses of Silverbridge, Lawton, and Pratt.



Talk to Mycroft about Dewer. He'll tell you where to find Dewer.



Talk to Dewer. Give him the spring to be analyzed. Tidy the table if you love cleaness. But do it anyway. You know that Dewer like to drink tea and eat some biscuit. Talk to Watson. Touch the iron stove at the back. Open it. Examine the formula. Talk about it to Dewer.


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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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