Another dead Body: Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo


Try to browse the album on the table. Hmm, locked. Look at the butler. He likes to play pool. Talk about it to the butler, and ask him to call Sir Lawton. When he walks inside, try to climb the staircase. The butler will return at this point to forbid you to go upstair. Follow him inside. Examine evrything. Talk to Lawton. He'll refuse to talk about the formula. Leave him for now. Go out. Give your card to the butler.



Talk to the housemaid. Take the mint in the bowl. Taste it if you want to. Look and examine at everything in the room. It seems that a kid is playing in the room. Talk to the maid again. Tell her that you'll waiting Silverbridge at your home.



Look woman. Look at everything. Talk to woman. Pratt is going in a vacation. Tell her to contact you for Pratt's news at your house while you're leaving.


Another dead Body

Goals: Find out whose body is it and gather the evidences of the murder.



When you enter the room, someone knocks at your door. A woman will give you a telegram from Lestrade. Read it. He wants you to examine a death body which is found at the Cleopatra Needle. Talk to Watson. This case is becoming more interesting because there's another death body.



Examine the stair. Hmm, strange marks. Talk to the constable. Show him the telegram. Now he'll cooperate. Talk to him.



Talk to Lestrade about the body. Talk to desk sergeant about the victim's belongings. He'll tell you to go to Bart.



Talk to McCabe. Yup, another bureaucracy. Show him the telegram. Talk again to McCabe for information. Look, examine and smell the death body (What's this, a rose tattoo at the buttock???). Examine the body again for more evidence. Ask McCabe's permission for examining the victim's belongings. Open the cabinet. Look and search the clothes, nothing found. Examine the hat. Pick it up. Ask McCabe's permission for searching Hubert's body again. Open the steel drawer (it's the top right drawer). Hmm. It become blue. Talk to Watson to discuss the case. Talk again to McCabe about the victim.



Yup, now it's time to interview the eye-witness. Talk man, and keep on pushing until he tells you the truth. Talk Watson to discuss the case. Open the chest. Examine and rummage it. What's this, a school tie? Examine it. Talk again to Jesse. Push him until he admits that he took the belongings. Ask Watson opinion's to get the watch from the man. Examine the watch on the fireplace. You can rummage the box near Jesse but nothing inside.



Take the train to Cambridge. Examine the books. Try to rouse Flemming. Damn, he's still sleeping. Examine the cup. Oh man, this guy is drunk. Order Watson to get some liquor. Examine everything until Watson comes back. Rouse the man again. This time he'll wake up and drink. Talk man about a student. He tells you that you lack of proof to search the photo album. I think, we should gather more proof before coming back here again.


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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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