Dealing with Lawton: Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo


Talk to Augie about the murder. He tells you some important information.



Ask Jesse to go with you to Cleopatra Needle. Examine the stairs. Look at the blood stain. Ask Jesse about the incident. After a great story; I love the killing part, it's so real; light the lantern on the stair. Hey, what are those things? Look at the shinny disc. Examine and pick it up. Look at the button. Examine and pick it up. Hmm, the disc/fob has a rust on it so you can't read the writing. Use the gaff hook. Ask Jesse to help you locating the gun. Use the hook again after Jesse's confirmation. Fire the gun to test it. Pocket the gun for evidence. That's it. You've found all the evidences.



It's time to investigate the button and the hat. Talk to customers, Rumsey and Watson. You must get rid of that stupid woman. Talk again and critisize her. She'll be mad and go away. So long old lady! Ask Rumsey about the button and the hat. Look at the left table. Look button and needle. Examine the buttons. Pick it up. Ask Rumsey for the neddle. Pick it up. Remember the guard at the Mycroft flat, he just return from South Africa. Ask about the shop, that had sold the hat, to him. But no new clue is gathered, 'cause the hat is too common.



Order Wiggins to find a strange man that Jesse told you. Talk to Jonas. Go in. Analyze the fob at the lab table. Use Hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and fob with the beaker. Then use tweezer to pick the fob out. Use magnifying glass to look at the fob on dish. It reads: 23/6/76. That's it. Now you know about the graduation of the victim at Cambridge.



Ask Flemming about the student. Son of the gun, the body is Pratt! Talk to Watson for discussing the case. Hmm. Pratt and Lawton are friends. Now we got you, Lawton!


Dealing with Lawton

Goals: Find a way to talk to Lawton.



Talk to the maid and tell her the bad news. Talk to Watson to discuss the case. Talk to maid again, now she's leaving. It's time for snooping around. Look and smell the hat pin on the table. Hmm, opium. Pick it up. You can search the bin, open the wardrobe, shake the pillow, and examine the painting. But nothing is happening. No clues. Use the hat pin to search the pillow. Still, no clues. Now just enter the archway. Examine the picture and the bookcase, nope . . . nothing. Look, smell and touch the fireplace. Strange, someone just using this place for burning something. Shift the fireplace to reveal a red cloth.

Pick it up. Open the coal box. Examine the small boxes. Wow, matches, is Pratt a crazy lunatic person who burn everything for fun?? Pick it up. Look and smell the Hookah on the table beside the bed. Yup, definitely opium. Use the hat pin to clean the Hookah. This guy is an addict. This hat pin is an useful item. Look papers on the table. Examine it (notice a bill from Neville, the bathtub by the name of A. Rachets). Yes, another name from Mycroft's list. Look at the photograph. Move and pick it up. Look in the basket beside the archway. Rummage the basket (it'll reveal a piece of paper). Look at it. Pick the sealing wax. Talk to Watson to discuss the case.


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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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