A mysterious Guy: Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo


Talk to the guard (he won't let you in! Let's see about that!). Talk to the costumer about Pratt. Look counter. Smell and try to use the towel. Look at the radiator. It's wet and dirty. Try to adjust it. Look and smeel the Hookah. Hmm, opium. Look at the pillow. Move it. Man, it's dirty here! That's it, now you can push the guard to go in by telling him all the bad service around here. Inside, move the towel on the steam cabinet. Hey, that's Mr. Whitney. After you that, you'll see some kungfu act. Splash . . . down to the pool. That'll keep Russel for a while. Talk to Whitney about Pratt. He's a stubborn man.

Ok, it's burning time. Employ the suegee to lock the steam cabinet door. Turn the valve on the boiler. Talk again to Whitney. Now he'll talk to you about Pratt and a dude, Mr. Ratchet.



Talk to Jenkin about Pratt. Talk to Lawton about Pratt. He'll tell you about the address of Ministry of Defence. Examine everything. Go out. Talk to Jenkins. He'll help you if you defeat him on pool game.


A mysterious Guy

Goals: To find out the identity of a guy who involve in the murder of Pratt.



Talk to Wiggins. Too bad, he don't succed in his mission of finding the man.



Examine shelves, and climb it to check the window. Look at windows. Hmm, very poor security system. No wonder someone steal the documents. Try to open the windows. Talk to the clerk.



Look around. Talk to bartender, Lush and Mahoney. Talk to Watson to discuss the situation. Look dart board. Talk to bartender about Mahoney and set the darts. Talk to Mahoney and challenge him to play dart game. Beat him. Talk to Mahoney again and he'll teach you some pool's trick to defeat the Lawton's butler. Open his case on the chair. Examine it. Get the cue ball.



Challenge Jenkins to play pool. Inside talk to Jenkins and show him the trick. Outside, look at the piano. Play it. Look at the music sheet and study it. Hmm, Lawton is good at music. Look at the box on the piano. Open it. Strange, a ring seems lost from here.

Check it out to Jenkins. Use needle to unlock the photo album on the table. Browse it. Yup, a picture is missing. Ask it to Jenkins. He'll tell you to check it at the newspaper.



Look at the pictures on the wall and all the papers that lying around. Talk to the editor about the photographs and the papers. Read the spike. Examine the notes on the spike. The editor will give you an address of a photographer. He also need a mug shot if you want to order him to find the mysterious man.



Ask about Sir Avery to the lady. Damn, he's not here but maybe his servant, Petigrew, will now about his location. Talk to Watson about the case. Talk again to the lady and ask for Petigrew's whereabout.


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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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