The Kidnapping: Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo


Look at everything. Talk to Lady Lockridge about the case. Look and play the piano. Look at the photo on piano. Examine it and try to pick it up. Look at the violin on the couch. Talk to Watson about the situation. Look at the workbox on the piano. Open it. Hmm, she's a heavy smoker. Talk to woman about her music experience. Talk to Watson. He'll suggest you to play some music if you want to get an info from the lady. Accompany the lady with the piano. After a musical scene, talk to the lady again. Then pick up the music sheet.



Look at the sinks. Taste it. That's sodium sulphat, the ingredients for developing a photo. Look at the camera and examine it. Ask Hemming to make you a mugshot. He won't do it until you get him an eyewitness. This is the trademark of an adventure games, if you want to have something you must give something. Look at the tools near the easel. Get a pencil. Look at the small box on the table. Open it. Load the camera beside it. Pick up the camera.



Ask him to help you making a mugshot. Talk to Hemming, then ask Jesse to describe the man. Ask Jesse for the mugshot. Then, say thanks to Jesse.



Talk to the editor and show him the mugshot. The man is Erick Moellendorf, the right hand of Nazi's leader, Otto von Bismark. Wow, first explotion, then a murder, now Nazi's stuff. This case is huge and interesting. Meet Carter, the American spy. Talk to him about Erick. Discuss the case with Watson.


The Kidnapping

Goals: Freeing Lord Silverbridge's son from the kidnapper.



Talk to the butler again. This time force him to arrange meeting with Lord Silverbridge, or else you will go public with the information. Follow the butler inside. Look at Silverbridge. This guy is sick. Talk to the butler about it. Talk to Silverbridge. Now, he's fainted. Discuss the illness with Watson. Look at the jar on the desk. Open it, yikes! It's salt. Use it to wake Silverbridge. Look at the photograph on the mantel. Talk about his son. Man, he's fainted again. Look at the waste basket near the fireplace. Peruse it. You get a piece of paper from the school master. Talk to the butler about it.

Then use the jar again to wake Silverbridge up. Talk to him about his problem. Yes, he's fainted for the third time. This is greeeaaat. Use the jar again to wake him up. His son was kidnapped several days ago but he won't tell you about the ransom. Look at the left desk. Examine the inscription. Hmm, need a rub. Look at the pencil lying on the floor. Examine it then pick it up. Rub the pencil at the inscription. It'll reveal a chess move. Use it on the chessboard on the table. Voila, a click is heard. Look at the corner of the right desk. It's a panel. Open it. There's a letter inside. Read it. Yes, that's the ransom. Talk again to Silverbridge. At last he isn't fainted anymore. Pick up the photograph on the mantel. Go out. Pick up the blankie under the sofa.


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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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