The Bomb Specialists: Komplettlösung Case of the Rose Tattoo


Talk to Virgil. Order Wiggins to follow Erick.



You can open the globe and discover his liquor compartment. Drink the liquor if you want. Look and browse the book (hmm, German's stuff). Look, retrieve, and smell the cigarettes. Definitely someone has been talking to him before you show up. Look at the photograph on the mantel. Look at the snuffbox and open it. Sample and pick up the candies if you like. Discuss the situation with Watson. Look the letter and the diploma on the wall. Ask Farthington about Bledsoe. Discuss the case with Watson.

Talk again to Farthington again about the case. He still won't talk a bit and deny the meeting with Bledsoe. Check out his calendar on the table. Peruse it. You'll read an initial P.B. Ask about it to him. Now, he'll arrange the meeting with Bledsoe, and he'll inform about the time later to your home.



Look at everything. Talk to barman about Pratt. Ask the patron about Pratt either. Alas, they won't tell you a bit. Try to enter the curtain. The barman will forbid you. Try to bribe him and show him the matches. Damn, not working. Maybe later we'll come back here with another way.



Ask Virgil about Wiggins. He's missing. Ask Jonas about Wiggins. Talk to Virgil again. Give the candy to Virgil. Now ask him again about Wiggins. Man, the kid won't talk much. Ok, just give him the candy again. This time he spills it out. Discuss the situation with Watson.



Hey, that's Erick. Watch the shooting scene. Brandish the sword. Extract the spike from the ground. Talk to Erick. Damn, he kills himself.

Look and smell the flask on the ground (hmm, trasic acid, it's poisonous). Search Erick's body. Nothing. Try to search the basket, still nothing. Pick up the contens of basket. Look at it. Hey, that's a lethal weapon. Pick up the gun. Break the flask to cover Kaiser's identity. Breakdown the sword. Man, what's this. Aha! It's the formula. Discuss with Watson about it. Look at the shed at the far end. Examine it. Look at the scarf on the crate. Hey, it's Wiggin's. Look at the lock. Use spike to unlock the shed lock. Release Wiggins.


The Bomb Specialists

Goals: Find out about the background of the bomb's incident.



Talk to Dewar about the formula. Peruse the formula in the stove.



Tell Kaiser about Erick's death and tell him that his identity is safe.



Talk to Wiggins and ask him how's he fell. Go home for a rest. By the time you open your coat, a message from Dewar arrives. Not again, yup Sherlock never rest. Analyze the formula on the lab table first. Use scissor with the formula paper. Put the piece in the beaker. Put amonia hydroxide in the beaker. Put chloroform in the beaker. Stir it with the rod. The solution will discover the bomb's ingredients. It should turn up to brown.


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Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of the Rose Tattoo

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