Komplettlösung Shivers

This cannot be an exact walkthrough because the pots and lids are not always in the same place for each new game. Even the 10 pairs of pots and lids that you must match might be randomly chosen from the 13 pairs. So, the best I can do is guide you to some places, and help you avoid other places until you're ready to capture the Ixupi!



The book warns that you can only have one item in your inventory at any time. When you match a pot and talisman, then they become a single item. Take careful note of where every pot and talisman is found or placed. If you exchange a newly found item for one you were carrying or if you move things from a far away location to some place closer, your notes will save you a lot of wandering around.

You can usually tell if the Ixupi are nearby for they make a unique noise. If you turn away quickly, you will be safe.

Point system in general:

Solved puzzle 6750 pts

Clues 350 pts

Reading plaques 250 pts

Inventory item 2500 pts

Loss of life essence -1500 pts

Recorded message for each room 300 pts

If you see any objects laying around, examine them. They are not essential to the game but are worth points. I have played the game twice and come up with a high score of 485.500 points. Use the tip of your mouse pointer, not the lower fat part - it took me awhile to realize this, so I'm just passing it along.



Watch the opening movie of your friends locking you inside the museum grounds. This is your first flashback item. Now would be an excellent time to set the text on option. Start reading the walkthrough in your book, page 34.



Turn left and see the dragon gargolye. The chain's handle will open it and inside you find a letter. Read it. As the letter falls to the ground, observe the number inside the dragon's mouth. Turn around and walk up the museum stairs until you will reach a locked door. The squawk box on the right side will play a recording that the museum is not open. Make note of the markings at the top of the door and its color. As you head back down, find another set of markings and a different color to the right of the purple vase.

You must then find another way in, so follow the path toward the gazebo. Find a third set of markings and its color behind the tall object. Go just beyond the arch then look back to see the fourth set of markings on the triangular stone. Turn back toward the arch. Find the markings on the bench. By the time you reach the gazebo you should have 5 markings and colors. Walk to the very end of the path to see the submerged steps. Enter the gazebo and open the metal box and solve its puzzle. The answers are on page 35 at the bottom. If you don't have the book then you won't get very far in this game because I'm not repeating those answers! Exit the gazebo and cross on the raised steps. As you approach the Stonehenge replica, find the last marking on the perimeter wall.

Look down. Now use the markings and colors you've seen to solve this puzzle. The answers are on page 36. Descend the spiral staircase. Open the door and find the light switch along the left side. Continue traveling downward (either passageway gets you to the underground lake). Open the stone door.



Find the corpse on your left. Take the book and read it. This now appears as flashback item 9. Get on the boat. Go to the rear (turn left), look down, move the anchor pin down. Move to front of boat, look down, and move its anchor pin up. Now you can turn the crank several times to reach the other side. During the crossing, the water spirit will appear and take some life essence. You cannot avoid this.

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  • Release: 01/1997

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