Komplettlösung Shivers

When you've reached the other shore, notice a pot straight ahead. Get off the boat and head right to find that pot. When you examine it Professor Windlenot's ghost will appear and warn you. This becomes flashback item 4. Examine the markings on the pot for later identification. Walk down the tunnel and find the elevator. Match the design on the doors with the nearby box (diagonal pattern). Enter the elevator and travel up to the museum office.



Explore the office thoroughly, but avoid the fireplace. Items you should find: the map on the wall, a newspaper in the coat pocket, a letter on the floor, the elevator behind the tapestry, a door into a workshop, a message on the tape recorder on the desk, and a letter in the desk.

The scrapbook on the desk will become flashback item 6. Be sure you find the bull talisman is in the lower right drawer.



The library is the next room to explore. Take the door to the left of the fireplace. Walk a little forward and turn left. The door you see is to the library. Enter and concentrate your search to the right of the candelabra, but beware the wax Ixupi might be there. You should find a total of 4 books in this bookcase, flashback items 8, 10, 11, and 12. If you are having trouble, start with the only book that is leaning - this is the Black Book . Now the next one is two to the right and orangish in color.

Then the whitish one another four books from the last one. The last one is one shelf lower and is purple in color. Further exploration should quickly reveal another passage, but leave that for later. Find the ladder in front of another bookcase and check it out later. Leave the library through its front door, stay to the right of the display case in the center of the room, and enter the double doors between the two pillars. If you reached the stairs, you've gone to far.



Enter the Strange Beasts room, head toward the far left corner and find another double door (green with a serpentine pattern). Enter the Amazing Plants room and turn left, forward, then left again.

You will find the talisman to match the pot you found in the office. If you have the pot, then the talisman will magically join to it, otherwise take the talisman and go back to the office and join the two items. You have now reached page 44 and can capture your first Ixupi (if it's still in the fireplace ashes).



Probably the most useful item to locate are the blueprints mentioned on page 61. They are in the Mysteries of the Deep room. If you are in the office, head back to the Strange Beasts room, otherwise leave the Amazing Plants room, head left around the eagle nest.



Find another set of double doors in the Strange Beasts room. Go through the doors, take note of the map on the floor, and examine the Poseidon/Neptune display. Here is the Globe puzzle. Solve it and you will have an inventory item and a very useful set of museum blueprints as flashback item 14. Go a little further and find the Sirens/Organ puzzle at the far end, right corner. Solve this one and a door opens at the Colossus of Rhodes exhibit, just to the right of the organ. Enter the new passage and find the Movable Wall puzzle. No clue for this one yet, so we'll return later. As you come back out of the passage, notice the splotch of yellow straight ahead.

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