Komplettlösung Shivers

We'll check it out in a minute. Watch for the sand/earth Ixupi who sometimes occupies the building display on your left. If you go back toward the globe, then just a bit beyond, turn right, forward, right again, and go along the wall. At the far end are some yellow crystals which the Ixupi might be occupying.



Leave the Mysteries of the Deep Room, go back to the Main Entry Hall and explore some more. You should find the staircase going to the second floor, a stone water fountain with a hidden spigot (careful - Ixupi maybe), the doors behind the desk which match the locked doors on the outside of the museum, two panels (one to the right of the desk and one to the left of the fountain) and a door that will lead into the Theatre.

Look in the desk drawer for the museum brochure, flashback item 7. You'll need this to find and set the skeleton dials throughout the museum. Also find an inventory item in one of the bird masks between the library and the office.



To get into the Theatre, solve the Door Puzzle. Go around the right side of the theatre and climb the stage. You will find a note on the podium and an inventory item just behind the curtain. Retrace some of your steps and go up the left side of the stage. Travel the hallway, noting the Door Puzzle at one corner and a secret passage at another corner. Enter the projection room and solve its puzzle. You now have flashback item 13 and your clue to the Movable Wall puzzle.



Leave the theatre and re-enter the Strange Beasts room. Go to the right of the giant eagle next, set the skull dial (blue), then enter Mysteries of the Deep room, and head toward the Subterranean World. Solve the Movable Wall puzzle. You will then travel down a couple halls and enter a room with three doorways. Traverse the Maze.



Read the plaque, set the skull dial (yellow). Look across the oily area (careful, don't venture too close if an Ixupi is there) and note an inventory item on the other side. Travel back through the maze, go to the Main Entry Hall, then the office.



Find the workshop. Head down the left side and find the Drawer Puzzle. The clue is in this room so go ahead and solve it now and find another inventory item. Continue around the table, but don't approach too close to the wooden object shaped in a humanoid form. It might contain the wood Ixupi.



Leave the workshop and let's see where the elevator behind the office tapestry takes us. Arrive on the fourth floor and look for a flashback item 17 - the Professor's Diary/Journal. Also take note of the clock beside the bed and the different faces for different times. In particular notice the one with the open jaws and its corresponding time.



Come back down the elevator to the office and go to the library. Find the ladder and go up, turn right and see a statue. Turn back to the left and find the book which will open the statue and reveal an inventory item. Click on the thickest book you see to get the statue to turn and reveal its hidden contents. Down the ladder, left, roward twice, right turn and into the secret passage. Turn left and find some lipstick on the floor, left, left again, and see another elevator. Open the elevator at least once in the game because it contains a clue to a puzzle. This elevator travels between the three main floors.

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  • Release: 01/1997

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