Komplettlösung Shivers

Go back into the secret passage and find some more items on the floor. If you turn right at the junction, you'll dead end. Remember the secret doorway near the projection room? This is the other side and is a one-way door.



Turn left and around a few corners (finding a purse with flashback item 15) and down until you reach the Mechanical Room and Generator. Probably nothing here until later in the game, but explore anyway. Find the Danger High Voltage box. There is a breaker panel to the left, and just below it a section of the wall that looks different. Back up to the main floor, go in the theatre, left side, and hallway.



Solve the door puzzle in the theatre side hall and climb up the tower stairs. You should find Beth's ghost here and another pot and head. Examine is markings so you can identify the Ixupi. Play the juke box pieces and leave it set on the Anansi Spider Song. This will save you some wandering. Work the video monitor, being careful to note what you see with the Witch Doctor camera. These two clues help solve puzzles elsewhere. Observe the faces on the clock and the time on the video monitor camera. Solve the Clock Puzzle and find an inventory item at the top of the tower. Back down, through the theatre, and into the Main Entry Hall.



Now, lets explore the second floor. If you use the stairs from the Main Entry Hall, notice the chandelier at the top. Careful, another place for the crystal Ixupi. Through the double doors and enter the Tombs and Curses room. Turn right and enter the room where the Ixupi vessels were once kept. Leave this room, turn right and set the skull dial (green). Do an about-face and notice the secret panel in the wall. We are going to explore some other parts of the second floor and return to this room later. Turn the leaves just above the door and go through.



You are in the corrider. Dead end to the right, so turn left, go around the corner, continue down hallway and take the first left. Around another corner and take the next left. The wood Ixupi is sometimes near the discarded lumber. Find the Picture puzzle in the far corner. Solving it gains you access into the Fortune Teller's room. Here you find Merrick's ghost, flashback item 3. Get your fortune with the coin, and carefully note the first thing it says. This is your first of four riddles. Leave the room and head back out into the hallway. At the junction, turn left, go around a corner, head up some stairs, and take the next right, and more stairs.



You have now arrived on the 3rd floor without the help of an elevator. Go down this new passage until you find some more lumber and an A-frame on the wall. Another secret doorway. Enter the Storage room. Turn left, open one crate, and arrive at a door that leads into the Planetarium.



The thunder and lightning Ixupi is sometimes in one of the displays, so watch out. Find the solar system model and solve your first riddle. Read the second riddle. Work your way around to the right and find the Pictograph Tiles puzzle. Solve this and find another inventory item.

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  • Release: 01/1997

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