Komplettlösung Shivers

If you continue around to the left, you'll see another door. This goes into the tower and descends to the second level. We'll get there by another means. Leave the Planetarium through the same door we came in, open two more crates in the Storage room, and at the far end, find one last crate with the Alchemy Machine puzzle. Solve it and find an inventory item. About face and through the new door.



Go through the spiked doorway and find a skeleton in a raised cage. For fun, click the pitcher, the glass, then the skeleton's hand. You should hear I feel your pain . Explore the other torture items in the area, and eventually end up at the gallows. Solve this puzzle and find an inventory item.

Down the gallow steps and head straight, passing the electric chair (lightning Ixupi is sometimes there so don't throw the switch) and entering another room. At its end is the Door puzzle. Solve it and you gain access into another room. Find another puzzle between the two pictures. Solve this Pinball Machine puzzle and you gain access into a passage with a 6-skull dial and an inventory item. This door will open when you have turned all the other skull dials in the museum to their proper color.



Backtrack to the storage room and out the secret entrance. If you turn right, you'll go down the hall a few turns and find an elevator. Take it to the second floor, turn right down the hall.

Take the next left and find only dead ends, retrace back to the junction and turn right, round a few corners, ignore the two right turns, and go almost to the end. If you are at the end, back up just a little and find the passage into the Tombs and Curses room.



Turn left and go part way toward the tomb markers. When you can turn right and go around the corner, find the Sphinx. Read the plaque, poke around the sphinx (between the legs), then touch the lips. Do an about-ace and see the sarcophagus and obelisks, and solve this puzzle. Another inventory item.

Continue working your way left past the sphinx to another burial tomb (Curse of Anubis), but beware of an Ixupi. Return to the main area of this room, go up the steps between the tomb markers and solve the door puzzle to gain access into the next room.



The Funeral Rites room has a skull dial. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left, forward, left again, and set the dial (blue). Turn right and enter a burial chamber, being careful to avoid the cloth Ixupi. Leave and turn left to head toward far end of room. On the left, see the lion, and find Merrick's notebook - flashback item 16. Continue toward the far door. On the right find the animal sarcophagus and its hidden Chinese Checker puzzle.

Solve this and find an inventory item. Beware the cremation display might house an Ixupi. Enter the door at this end of the room.



In the Shaman room you need to beware of the wax Ixupi in one corner. Find the witch doctor in another corner, and tracks on the floor that disappear at a secret panel. Follow the tracks back to their origin and look up. Here is the camera you used in the clock tower. Solve this puzzle to gain access into the next room.



You are in the Gods and Killing Items room, and your second riddle will be answered, and your third will be found. Look for a horse-drawn chariot and Thor. Spin the nearby stone piece and read its message.

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