Komplettlösung Shivers

Go to the next room and set the skull dial (red). Find and solve the Sumerian Lyre puzzle at the room's far end, and find another inventory item. Don't forget the set the skull dial (red). Back to the double doors and solve this door puzzle (panel on left) to gain access into the next room.



Find two things when you first enter the Myths and Legends room: the music box puzzle on your right and a duffel bag on the left. Solve the puzzle and find an inventory item. Search the bag and the book will become flashback item 5. Walk toware other end, avoid the wax snake (Ixupi!) and check out the Maoris carved chest to find another inventory item.

Leave this area and continue on through the next couple rooms carefully. More spare lumber means Ixupi, maybe. Find another skull dial near the were wolf and set it (red). Wander until you find stairs to your right. These lead to the planetarium. First, though, turn left twice and round the corner to find a door. Enter the janitor's room and you'll usually find the cloth Ixupi guarding another inventory item.



I believe at this point, you need to capture as many Ixupi as possible. Don't worry if you come down to just one left to nab. The game seems to be designed this way. If you make it to the subterranean room, you'll find a shortcut back to the main floor. Try it.



With one Ixupi to go (and it's probably the Thunder and Lightning Ixupi), you may now begin the search for the missing page 17. Work you way down the the generator room and find the breaker panel. If it is not open, then you haven't done enough of the game. If it is, flip the switch, twice, and page 17 will appear. This is your 4th riddle. Be sure to read the part that was still in the book and complete the riddle. You should now recall some part of the museum which would answer this riddle.



Head upstairs to the third floor and its room with the guillotine. Take a quick side-trip through the puzzle room, past the 6 skull dial and into one last room. Notice the trap door in the floor and the inset stone on the wall with its two symbols. Back to the guillotine. Work the display and notice the same two symbols on the blade that has dropped. Back to the room with these same symbols on the wall. This time the stone has moved forward. Touch it and enjoy the wild ride. At the end of the run, you find your last inventory item.



Now for the last Ixupi. Find him in the generator room and capture him. Watch the closing movie as flashback item 18 and go home with your friends.

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  • Release: 01/1997

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