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As you sit quietly at the workbench in your research laboratory, you're startled into action by the sound of the videophone alarm bell. You'd better act quickly, because your buddy Tip Randall is raising the roof. The first thing to do is turn on the videophone. As soon as you do that, though, you realize that the picture is fuzzy. That's easy to correct; simply adjust the videophone. There is Commander Zoe Bly, looking worried, and telling you about an urgent problem at the undersea Aquadome. You'd better pick up the microphone, then turn it on. After asking Bly about the problem, question her about the monster she's seen.

Bly is sounding ever more desperate, so tell her goodbye. Suddenly, however, something's wrong with the videophone, and your score drops by 3 points! Now is the time to go to the Computestor for a clue. First, turn off the microphone and drop the microphone onto the workbench. Then, head for the Computestor and turn it on. Since the machine is now ready for questions, ask it about the videophone. Hmm, the problem could be one of many, but you suspect that something may be wrong with the electrical panel. The panel is just down the hallway, so go to the panel, and examine it. Well, well, apparently the circuit breaker is open.

By fixing the circuit breaker, you regain your 3 points. It's time to have a chat with your assistant, Sharon Kemp. Go to the office and confront Sharon with your suspicions. Her answers are evasive, and she seems very nervous. Since time is growing short, you decide to leave Sharon and head for your sub, the Scimitar. Realizing that the sub won't start unless you have the atomic catalyst capsule, you first examine the work counter. There is the capsule, so you grab it and head for the Scimitar. Once settled in the pilot's seat, with Tip nearby, you decide to check the sub for any problems. Pushing the test button gives you a positive readout, but you're still apprehensive.

You will need to open the access panel in order to enter the sub's crawl space, but you don't have a tool. Maybe Tip has such an item? Tip comes through, handing you a Universal Tool. Open the access panel, and carefully crawl into the space. A check of the voltage regulator reveals that it is damaged. Use the tool to fix the regulator. Now all is ok, and you won't have any problems going full throttle to the Aquadome. You're ready to get underway, so crawl out of the space, close the access panel, close the sub's hatch, and put the catalyst capsule into the reactor. After closing the reactor, you'll need to turn on the reactor and fill the docking tank with seawater. Once the tank is filled, turn on the engine, open the tank gate, then open the throttle.

Push the joystick to the east, and you're off! The surface of Frobton Bay isn't the safest spot around, so the first thing you need to do is set your depth to 5 meters and set the throttle to slow. You'll want to check the sonar occasionally to make sure you're not heading toward any obstacles. Your sequence of moves must be accurate to avoid destruction. One quick way to reach the seawall opening is to follow these moves: Northeast, then three Norths, then Northeast again, then wait. The alarm bells may be ringing, but you'll safely avoid a submerged obstacle. Then, suddenly, an approaching ship is detected by the sonar. You'll have to stop waiting and set your depth to 15 meters to dive below the ship.

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