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Wait again, and you'll chug right on through the seawall opening into the ocean. Be sure to save the game here, since you won't want to cross Frobton Bay again! You can turn on the autopilot now, since the sub will head straight for the Aquadome. Because you fixed the voltage regulator, you can set the throttle to fast without overheating. Wait now, as you continue diving deeper and deeper. To check out an enormous whale, aim your searchlight to starboard. The trip will take a little while longer, so you might want to ask Tip about that magazine he's reading. A close study of a particular article in the magazine reveals that Dr. Jerome Thorpe (an Aquadome staff member) has succeeded in creating mutant sea creatures.

Further, Thorpe announces in the article that he plans to marry your lab assistant, Sharon Kemp! You're beginning to understand who's behind the attack on the Aquadome, and you're even more anxious to arrive. Wait a while longer, and then, as you near the structure, your sonarphone rings. It's Commander Bly, asking to speak privately with you when you arrive. You wait a few more turns, and the sub slows to a stop in the docking tank. Open the throttle to slide into the cradle. You wait while the water in the tank empties, and you save the game again. Before opening the hatch and exiting the sub, you pick up the emergency oxgyen gear - just in case. Leave the Scimitar and head straight for the Aquadome's Reception Area where Bly and her crew await you.

Greet them, and then take a quick look around. Your explorations are interrupted by a sudden realization that something is wrong with the air supply. Quickly using the oxygen gear you so intelligently brought with you, head for the Dome Center. Commander Bly and several crew members are gasping for breath, so time is short. Use the universal tool to open the access door to the air supply assembly. Instantly noticing that something has been unscrewed from an important cylinder, you pick up the object. It is an electrolyte relay. Put the relay into the cylinder, and close the access door. Your efforts are successful, and the air supply is now functioning properly. As you return to the Reception Area, you observe Doc Horvak with Bly's oxygen gear.

You're suspicious, so when Bly ask you to accompany her to the office, you go with her. She volunteers some interesting information: She suspects sabotage in the Aquadome and shows you certain evidence. The evidence consists of a black box which you open and examine. This device could be used to interfere with the Aquadome's sonar, and Tip has an idea about how to trap the saboteur. Go to the Storage Room with Tip and discuss his idea. Before you reach the storage area, you notice the special Fram Bolt Wrench lying under Bly's desk. Realizing that the wrench must have been used to tamper with the air supply, you show it to Doc Horvak. His reaction proves most interesting. Now you need to do some serious thinking. Conversations with various crew members will assist you in your search for the traitor.

Ask everyone about everyone else, check the locker in the men's dorm, set the black box onto the sonar, and observe everyone's behavior. Commander Bly will offer to supply you with a bazooka so that you can hunt the monster (the Snark ). Get that from her and have Tip install it on thesub's extensor claw. Find Doc Horvak and show him the magazine article about Thorpe. Doc will come up with some interesting conclusions, and will offer to prepare a special tranquilizer gun for you. Get the dart gun and have Tip install that as well. During your explorations and conversations, Mick Antrim will check out the Scimitar then return and ask you whether you'd like to have an Emergency Survival Unit installed in the sub.

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