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You agree, then poke around a while longer until the unit is in place. It's time to think about improving your navigation and sonar - the Snark will be difficult to capture or kill. You ask Tip about installing a fine grid and a fine throttle control in the sub, and he agrees to do so. You're about ready to head out into the ocean again, but you still haven't come to a firm conclusion about who the Aquadome traitor is. Once in your pilot's seat, however, you notice that the survival unit installed by Amy and Bill is equipped with a nasty looking syringe. Grabbing the syringe, you head for Doc Horvak and ask him to analyze it. His analysis reveals that the hypo is filled with arsenic!

You'd better confront Amy and Bill with this evidence before you do anything else. The instant you show the syringe to Bill, he turns and runs away. He's heading for the sub, and you race to the office to view his actions on the station monitor. As you watch Bill climb down the inside ladder of the docking tank, you realize you have only seconds to trap him. You quickly turn off the docking tank electricity so Bill can't open the gate. He knows he can't get out now, so he surrenders. You turn the electricity back on, and leave the office. Cheers follow you as you head back to the Scimitar. After filling the docking tank with water, you turn on the engine and open the gate. Turning the joystick to the South, you open the throttle.

Save the game, and head out into the ocean. You're finally ready to confront the Snark and, perhaps, the evil Dr. Thorpe. Exit the Aquadome's docking tank by going South, then set the throttle to medium. Turn Southeast and wait until you reach the Snark and the Sea Cat (piloted by Dr. Thorpe). Thorpe will taunt you with his power, and admit his plan to wreck the Aquadome. Suddenly, Thorpe's transmission breaks off, and Sharon Kemp begins to speak to you. She explains how she only went along with Thorpe to try to trap him, and she's ready to help you capture the Snark. Sharon has a lot of interesting things to tell you, but you don't have time to talk to her right now. The Snark is moving quickly toward the Aquadome.

Here is one method you can use to put the Sea Cat out of commission beforeThorpe has a chance to attack you: East twice, then check your sonar to make sure you're in position. Set throttle to slow, then turn South. Head Northwest four times. Oh oh! Dr. Thorpe has recovered consciousness and his voice is crackling over the sonarphone. Ignore him, and head Northwest twice more. The sub will be just to the East of the Sea Cat, so, all on one line, enter the following command: West then aim bazooka at power pod then shoot power pod with bazooka. There! You've done it! The Sea Cat is out of commission and Thorpe's out cold again. Sharon guides the Snark to its hidden cavern so that you can safely study it later. You've completed your mission and saved the Aquadome!

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