Komplettlösung Rayman

Pink Plant Woods

Jungle Level 1

- Just after the red, bending flower, climb the vines and go left you will find a free life.

- Avoid touching water or you will lose a life.


Jungle Level 2

- On this level, you will encounter for the first time in the game: magicians, antitoons, photographers, scavengers and flying fish.

- In order to visit the magician's secret bonus levels, you must collect 10 blue tings and pay him. One little trick you can try if you don't make it through the entire bonus level in time, is to collect tings while in the secret level (all you need is 10) and then reenter the level once you've been kicked out. The bonus levels are important because you earn valuable free lives by completing them.

- On your first time through this level, you will see scavengers and cages at the top of the screen. They cannot be accessed until you get the power to hang and punch.

- There are 3 electoon cages on this level.


Jungle Level 3

- Betilla the Fairy will give you the power to throw your fist. Go to the far right side of the screen, jump and knock down the purple grape, jump on top of the grape, and then jump onto the platform to exit the level.


Jungle Level 4

- You will see the first cage that you can actually punch to free the electoons.

- Knock down the first grape you see on this level and let it bounce down the hill towards you on the left. Jump on top of the bouncing grape and then jump up to the hand on the left. You will then be able to jump to the platform on the right and collect a free life.

- Grapes can be very useful to gain access to difficult to reach bonus items. Practice punching grapes up and down hills. The longer you hold the punch button, the harder you will strike the grape. A very useful trick is to stand on top of a bouncing grape, hold and release the punch button, and then duck as your flying fist comes back to you. The fist will punch the grape on which you're standing and push you along. This is a good way to ride a grape into water or avoid antitoons.

- To get special fists and powers that are suspended above water, find the nearest purple grape, knock it down and push it with your fist into the water. Once the grapes are in the water, you can jump on them and move (carefully!) left and right. Using this technique, you will find another magician at the bottom right side of this level.

- The small scavengers can be annoying since they often duck when you try to punch them and then throw their hands to try to grab you. A useful trick is to hold the punch button down and do a long punch that will go past the scavenger. Duck as the fist comes back towards you and the trajectory of the fist will lower as well, often punching a ducking scavenger.

- In the middle of this level, you will see a grape hanging at the top of the screen (just past the place where the scavengers suddenly appear on the screen). If you jump up and knock this grape down, then ride it to the right side of the screen and into the water, you will soon see a free life and a full power-up.

- On this level, you also meet the first hunter. Hunters can be very annoying because not only do they shoot bullets at you, but their guns can also be used as shields to block your punches. One way to quickly get past the hunters is to jump and punch while you are in the air. Try to time the punches so that they hit the hunter in the head, avoiding his gun.

- There are 3 electoon cages on this level.

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