Pencil Pentathlon: Komplettlösung Rayman

Pencil Pentathlon

Image Level 5

- At the beginning of this level, if you jump left onto the ink bottle a moving steel girder will appear to aid you in moving right towards a cage. It may be easier, however, to avoid this girder and just jump from eraser to eraser, using a running jump from the last eraser to reach the pens. Bounce from pen to pen until you reach some more erasers. Follow the tings until you reach the electoon cage. If you throw your punch and let it return to you, it will hit the cage en route. Retrace your steps past the pens and find an entry where you can go upwards.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.

Image Level 6

- On this level, you get the super helicopter power once again. The first cage on this level is above and to the left of the first series of colored pencils.

- To get past the spikes pointing down, it helps to use the helicopter power to slow your bounce.

- Jump over the exit sign at the end of this level, but don't touch it. A cage will appear beneath you.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.


Image Level 7

- The secret to getting through the bouncing erasers is to follow the blue tings and to use the helicopter power to coast between the gaps in the erasers.

- The tings indicate a route to follow to find the cage at the bottom of the bouncing erasers.

- After the photographer, in order to get past the two rows of pencils, let yourself fall down the oily hill and you should be able to get past everything without having to jump or fly.

- Once you've catapulted past the rows of pencils, grabbed the power-up, and made the steel girders appear, fall down in the last hole (before getting on the oil slick). A series of steel girders will appear leading you back to an electoon cage that was hidden on top of the cavern of the pencils.

- When you slide down the oil slick, a running jump will take you to the highest level of erasers where you can get a free life.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.

Space Mama's Crater

Image Level 8

- At the beginning of this level, if, instead of continuing right past the pointed bird head, you go up and to the left, this path will lead you to a free life.

- After you get the first cage, fall down and walk all the way to the far left side of the eraser. A series of flying hooks will appear leading you to the second cage by the exit sign.


Image Level 9

- On this level, by choosing the path that tends to descend (jump on the two disappearing clouds), you will eventually run into a space creature who is guarding a magician. If you do not have enough tings for the magician, you can retrace your steps and continue a little further to collect enough tings and then return to visit the magician.

- Before you arrive at the bouncing erasers, there is a narrow passage going down, which, after you grab the red flying hook, will lead to an electoon cage.

- Towards the end of this level, you will see a slick V shaped hill, will a narrow passage full of tings at the bottom of this V. Don't fall down it yet or you will not be able to get back up and find the last electoon cage on this level. Instead, go to the right side of the V, run down and then up the left side of the V and then jump. If you have gathered enough speed you will jump up to the next platform which leads to a cage.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.

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