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Image Level 10

- Warning: this level has been known to send Rayman owners into fits of passion and destroy their game machines! Dexterity and a lot of patience is the key to getting through this one. The obstacles are pretty straight forward, you just have to be really quick with your hand movements. Once you've made it past the two photographers and onto the wood colored platform (just past the yin-yang balls you had to knock out of your way), well then congratulate yourself and get ready for the hard part.

- First, go to the right edge of the platform, jump on the steel girder (get ready because it moves to the right!), jump over the spikes and onto the same steel girder. You will then hear that wonderful sound that tells you something has just appeared.

Immediately, jump back left over the spikes and coast onto the wood colored platform you just left. You should now see a flying hook. Grab the hook, keep jumping and grabbing to inch your way up as close to the hook as possible. Jump over the spike and onto the cloud. Jump up to the moving girder. Jump right onto the clouds and they will lead you to some tings.

- Once you grab the tings an electoon cage will appear on the other side of the wall. You must now retrace your steps and the moving girder will take you to a disappearing cloud which will then lead to this cage. There is also a free life just a little further left if you use the other moving girders that suddenly appeared.

- Now return to the girder that you thought you had gotten rid of, and use it to advance further to the right. The key to getting past this section is to avoid using your running or helicopter powers until the very last jump. You will be tempted to try to helicopter over some of the spikes, but more often than not it will slow you down enough to miss the girder. You can make it over these obstacles with normal jumps and then by ducking rapidly once you've landed on the girder.

- On the last jump, you can use the helicopter power to coast to the platform with the exit sign, but don't touch it or you'll miss the last cage! Instead, jump over the sign and onto the pink eraser. Once again, you'll hear the sound of something appearing.

Guess what, it's time to get back on the girder again! This time you won't have to ride it as far though. Once you jump over the first row of spikes and then duck under the next obstacle, a new girder will have appeared for you to jump up on. This path will lead to a couple of flying hooks and the last electoon cage in this world.

- There are 2 electoon cages in this world.


Image Level 11

- In this level you get another chance to fight Space Mama. The secret to beating her is to hit her in the head, but throw your fist carefully because she can block punches with her rolling pin. When she first appears, it may seem like she is trying to corner you.

But if you hit her in the head and then duck as she fires her laser, after 3 or 4 hits she'll let you out of the corner. Duck, crawl or use the running power to avoid the various objects that come flying after you. When Space Mama hides behind the washing machine, jump over her lasers and keep punching the machine until she throws it away. Then, start aiming for her head once more.

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