Crystal Palace: Komplettlösung Rayman

Crystal Palace

Cave Level 1

- Jump above the exit sign and a moving red rock will appear on the other side of the wall. Make your way over to this rock and it will lead to a power-up. Walk along the very bottom of this level until you reach the tings in the form of a question mark. Retrace your steps and you'll see a blue steel spike. Punch it and shortly afterwards you'll see the first electoon cage in this world.

- Once you have your picture taken by the clown, the second electoon cage will appear on the other side of the wall.

- Ride the flying hook until you see a floating blue spike. You'll hear the magic noise signaling that something has just appeared. Swing back 1 or 2 hooks and you'll see the last cage on this level.

- There are 3 electoon cages on this level.

Cave Level 2

- You will jump on a series of falling platforms. The ninth platform (the second from the end) leads to the first cage on this level.

- Avoid the spikes that the bug throws after you by ducking just before they're about to touch you.

- After you pass the photographer, and jump past the two moving blue spikes, you will see a power-up hanging above a gulf. Make a long jump after it and you'll land on a series of steps leading to a cage. A cloud will appear once you free the electoons. Ride this cloud all the way to the right, but don't get off just yet. Return on the cloud to the spot where you just freed the electoons. Another cloud will have appeared. Ride this cloud as it takes you to a narrow cavern (be prepared to duck) that holds the last electoon cage of this level.

- If you follow the flying hooks all the way to the top left side of the cavern, you'll find a free life.

- Be careful once you land on the falling platform near the end of this level. There is a lake at the bottom, so be prepared to jump off either to the left, where there is a magician, or to the right to get to the exit. The exit sign will appear once you break the boulder.

- There are 3 electoon cages on this level.


Cave Level 3

- To beat the Skops, keep jumping on the falling platforms while avoiding the his claw until all of the platforms are gone. As the last platform falls, jump and hang on the ledge on which Skops is sitting. He will then move backwards. Jump up on the ground. He'll then advance a couple of times more while throwing his claw. Each time he does so, jump and hang over the edge until Skops retreats. After about three times, he'll retreat all the way to the right. When this happens move quickly to avoid the lava.

Eat at Joe's

Cave Level 4

- Joe will give you a firefly to light your way through the next level.

- There are 0 electoon cages on this level.


Cave Level 5

- Use your fist to punch in front of you so that you can see what obstacles may be ahead.

- Once you get past the first few electoons and on to solid ground, a cloud will appear behind you. Jump on the cloud and it will lead to an electoon cage.

- There is one electoon cage on this level.


Cave Level 6

- Walk carefully on this level because there are many prickly areas that can hurt Rayman. After you use the helicopter power to coast down a diagonal chute, you will see a red stationary rock. Jump on it and then jump up again. Clouds will appear leading you to a free life.

- Once you get past the boulders guarding the lone power-up, look up and to the right for the photographer. Once you get your picture taken you will see the first cage on this level. Jump up again and you will see a series of flying hooks leading to the second cage and a free life. Reaching the last flying hook can be difficult without the super punching power, but it can be done.

- The last electoon cage is at the bottom of this level. Punch it and the exit sign will appear.

- There are 3 electoon cages on this level.


Cave Level 7

- There are no electoon cages on this level, but getting through it can still be a challenge. Make sure you use your running power to outrun the bugs and the thorns they throw at you. Also, try crawling off the bouncing red rock and through the narrow cavern at the end. Once you arrive at the plug, jump on top of the space ship and it will take you to the exit.

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