Mr. Dark's Chateau: Komplettlösung Rayman

Cave Level 8

- On this level you get a chance ride the space ship with some very cool music playing in the background. Make sure you punch all of the levers in your path or you'll never make it through this maze.

- When you arrive at a section with two space ships side by side, hop on the lower one which will take you to a free life. Another space ship will take you back to this same spot. Hop on the space ship that takes you up towards the exit, but keep an eye out for a group of blue tings on the left. When you see them, jump over and grab them and an electoon cage will appear.

- There is only 1 electoon cage on this level.

Cave Level 9

- Once you grab the power-up on the island in the middle of this level, the last electoon cage in the game will appear.

- Jump on the first buoy after this island but then wait until you see the shark come and go. Once the shark leaves, then jump to the next buoy and be prepared to duck. If you are standing up, the sharks will jump for your head allowing you to duck under them. If you remain ducking, however, the sharks will jump for your body and knock you into the water where you'll be shark bait. If you are on the bouncing blue rock, you can jump up and down on it and stay high enough so that the sharks won't even notice you.

- There is 1 electoon cage on this level.

Mr. Dark's Chateau

Cake Level 1

- This level is pretty straightforward. There are no enemies to fight and no electoon cages to find. Just make sure you have picked up enough speed to make it up the hills.


Cake Level 2

- In this level, Mr. Dark creates an evil Rayman whose touch you must avoid. Try to stay as far ahead of Rayman as possible, but remember, if he does catch up to you, it is possible to jump over him and gain some more time. There are two free lives on this level if you hunt them down. In the middle of this level, there is a chasm in which you will fall. If you touch the far left wall, a cloud will appear to help you escape. The exit sign will appear if you go all the way to the far wall of this level and touch it.

Cake Level 3

- You now have another opportunity to meet Mr. Dark face to face. Stay in between the balls of fire, even when they begin to shrink on you.


Cake Level 4

- This is the final level of Rayman and you get to fight three bosses. First you will fight Skops. Getting past him is a matter of jumping over the claw that he throws and punching him in the head. Next, you will encounter two Space Mama's. Try to stay towards the middle and duck when one of them shoots so that they fire upon each other. Finally, Moskito will appear and shrink you. Stay near his feet. Each time he jumps in the air, use your running power to avoid getting stepped on, jump in the air before he hits the ground, and punch him in the head.


Congratulations! You've finished Rayman!

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