Anguish Lagoon: Komplettlösung Rayman

Map Level - Once you exit this level, you will return to the map of Rayman's world. A new medallion will appear as well as a Save Game option. By using the directional arrows, you can walk Rayman over to new stages of the game. If you press the right arrow, Rayman will walk over to Anguish Lagoon. Notice that Anguish Lagoon does not yet have any pink dots in it yet. This means you have not yet freed any electoons in this stage. The pink dots let you know how many electoon cages you have freed in each stage. Each stage (in other words, each medallion) holds six pink dots.

- Make sure that each time you are on the map of Rayman's world that you are not just pressing X and re-entering the first level everytime. When you are on this map, use the arrow keys to walk Rayman over to another medallion (another level in Rayman's world) and THEN press the X key to enter it. The map is your way of choosing which level you want to enter.

Anguish Lagoon

Jungle Level 5

- Whenever you see a trail of blue tings, even if they seem to lead towards a dangerous gulf, you should always follow or jump after them. The tings are often a hint that there may be hidden surprises or electoon cages nearby.

- There are 5 cages on this level. You will not be able to reach two of them until you get the power to grapple. For instructions on how to reach these two cages, see Going Back in the Dream Forest World (below).

- After the second floating platform, you will see a bunch of blue tings. Jump off the platform and grab them, they'll lead to a cage of Electoons. Be ready to duck though, because there's a hunter waiting.

Jungle Level 6

- In this level you will meet the first of the crazy Bosses in Rayman, Moskito. The key to beating Moskito is to stay towards the middle of the screen in order to see in which direction he is coming. When Moskito is in the air, try to jump up and punch him. When he flying at you low to the ground, the safest strategy is to either jump over him or duck underneath him. If you are quick though, Moskito can be punched when low to the ground as well.


Jungle Level 7

- In this level, Moskito becomes Rayman's friend and flies him past a dangerous series of hanging plants. The key to this level is staying near the middle of the screen in order to give yourself room to advance or retreat when necessary.


Jungle Level 8

- Betilla the Fairy gives Rayman the power to hang.

The Swamps of Forgetfulness

Jungle Level 9

- In this level, if you jump up and knock Tarayzan's clothes down which are stuck on a vine, he will give you a magic seed to help you escape from this level. You can plant the seed repeatedly, and a plant will grow allowing you to climb up and out of the cavern in which you are stuck. You cannot, however, plant one seed on top of another.

- When you reach the exit, a free life will appear on the left side of the screen. Try to reach it if the water isn't too close.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.


Jungle Level 10

- Knock the purple grapes down and they will fall on the heads of the scavengers. You can then jump on top of these grapes.

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