Moskito's Nest: Komplettlösung Rayman

- On the second large island, you will see one of the scavengers and a bunch of Antitoons. Don't use the grape as a way of getting rid of the scavenger or you'll miss a cage of Electoons. Instead, approach the island from the left by water using another grape. Punch all of the Antitoons while still on top of the grape. Then, knock down the grape that floats above the island. Push it to the right and into the water. (One way to move grapes is to jump on top of them, punch in the opposite direction you want to move, and then duck. When your fist returns, it will hit the grape first, propelling it forward.) When you arrive at the next island, a cage will fall from the sky.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.


Jungle Level 11

- Climb up the first vine that's holding up the purple grape. Go to the top and then drop down and a cage will appear.

- Knock the grape down, jump on top of it, punch and then duck down so that it moves in order to ride it down the hill.

- Before you get to the end of the hill, jump off the grape and onto a floating platform. Jump over to the right again and you'll find another magician.

- On the right side of the platform with the magician you'll see a blue ting. Jump off after it and platforms will appear leading you to another cage.

- An electoon cage will appear if you ride the grape in the water just before the two jumping antitoons.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.

Moskito's Nest

Jungle Level 12

- Climb up and get the tings on top of the mushroom tree at the beginning of the level. A cage will then appear on the ground.

- When you see the photographer while floating on a purple grape, don't jump off! Stay on the grape and it will take you to a cage.

- The tentacle can only be stopped by punching it in the mouth.

- There are 3 electoon cages on this level.


Jungle Level 13

- Climb up the tree to grab the tings and a cage will appear below.

- Before exiting this level, knock down the grape and push it to the left until it falls in the water. Jump on it and float to the right and you will find another cage.

- There are 3 electoon cages on this level.

Jungle Level 14

- You have to move quickly on this level to avoid the spiked purple fruit. There really is no secret other than staying as far ahead of the fruit as possible and not delaying your jumps from vine to vine.


Jungle Level 15

- There are no electoon cages on this level, but there is a free life that you can grab once you're at the exit sign if you have the super punching power.


Jungle Level 16

- Once again you get to fight against Moskito. Try to remain in the middle of the screen so that you can see in which direction he's coming. Try hitting him while jumping in the air. Jump over Moskito when he dive bombs you low to the ground. And duck underneath the large, spiked, purple fruit that he carries.

Jungle Level 17

- Betilla the Fairy gives Rayman the power to grapple.

Going Back in the Dream Forest World

- Once you acquire the power to hang and to punch, you can go back and pick up a few more cages. In Jungle Level 2, three more cages will become accessible.

- In Jungle level 5, get on the falling platform at the very top of the screen. As you are falling, wind up quickly and punch to the left to knock down the grape. You will fall on a platform with a grape. Jump on top of the grape and swing over to the left using your grappling power until you see the cage. Jump down to the mushroom tree and another cage will appear.

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