Bongo Hills: Komplettlösung Rayman

- In Jungle Level 12, climb the vine just after the photographer and get rid of the bad guys. You'll find a magician and a little bit further some flying hooks that will lead to a hidden cage.

- Once you have beaten the Bosses once, you will not have to fight them again.

Bongo Hills

Music Level 1

- There is a free life if you jump down in the space to the left of the exit panel.

- There is 1 electoon cage on this level, but you will need the power to run in order to get it. Running power is given by Betillia the Fairy once you have finished Mr. Stone's Peaks.


Music Level 2

- Watch out on this level because the clouds tend to drop very quickly from beneath your feet. Always be ready to quickly jump to the next cloud or bongo for safety.

- Advance forward to the end of the bongo, then retrace your steps, jumping over the cloud and you will find a free life.

- Jump above the exit panel at the end of the level. When you land on the left side of the panel, a cloud will appear off to the right side of the screen. Get on the cloud and it will take you to a cage.

- There is one 1 electoon cage on this level.


Music Level 3

- At the second flying maracas, just after the photographer, don't get on it right away. Instead, fall beneath it. Continue going down until you find a cage. Retrace your steps.

- There is only 1 electoon cage on this level.


Music Level 4

- Go after the lone power-up hanging over the edge and you will find a hidden reserve of power-ups, tings, and a golden fist.

- There is only 1 electoon cage on this level, but you will not be able to reach it until you get the helicopter power from Betillia the Fairy at the end of Allegro Presto.

- The secret to this level is to pay attention to when the drums blink, because lightening is always sure to follow.

- After you pass a series of drums throwing lightening at you (the ones just past the jumping antitoons), retrace your steps and a cloud will appear. Jump on the cloud and go left to fight a grasshopper. The secret to beating the grasshoppers is to move close to them, punch and then duck. When your fist comes back to you it will hit the grasshopper. Repeat this procedure rapidly. Once you've gotten rid of the grasshopper, walk all the way to the left and a series of clouds will appear allowing you to escape, as well as gain a free life.

Music Level 5

- When you arrive at the first photographer, instead of continuing forward, jump back on the brown maracas and jump over to the platform on the left. Shrink by touching the elf, and follow the tings. Fall down onto the brown maracas and descend until you see the notes and then jump off to the left. Take the second ascending cloud and you will see a cage. After freeing the Electoons, get back on the cloud and retrace your steps.

- At the exit, jump over to the other side of the panel and fall down to the bottom. Go left and you will find another cage. Retrace your steps and on the far right side jump and a cloud will appear to take you to the exit.

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