Allegro Presto: Komplettlösung Rayman

- The brown maracas on this level can be very challenging. When you are on a maracas, jump from spinner to spinner in order to avoid the blue spikes in your path.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.


Music Level 6

- Avoid touching the mad red drummers by using the clouds to go around them. To get past the second mad drummer, you can ride the cloud between its knees.

- There are no electoon cages on this level.

Allegro Presto

Music Level 7

- At the second arrow-shaped group of tings, just after the false notes (which you must get past by ducking) instead of continuing down, jump up to the ledge on the far left side of the screen, then jump over the right and you will find a cage.

- There are 3 electoon cages on this level, but one of them you will not be able to reach until you acquire the power to run, which Betillia the Fairy gives you at the end of Mr. Stone's Peaks.


Music Level 8

- Timing is everything when the trumpets blow you back and forth. Try to jump early enough to reach higher platforms.

- After the photographer, instead of descending, climb up the platforms to find the free life.

- Once you've passed the photographer and begin going left again, you will see another trumpet. Crawl beneath this trumpet, and on the next ledge of ice above you there will be another cage of electoons.

- There is one electoon cage on this level.


Music Level 9

- Move toward the right, jump on the first bongo, and then retrace your steps and you will find a cage.

- After the photographer, jump on the two small platforms and then retrace your steps. A brown maracas will appear. Ride it and you will be led to a cage.

- Once you've reached the walking drum, jump off onto one of the sliding platforms. You'll hear a noise which means that something has appeared. Jump back left to get to the bonus level.

- At the end of the level, you will seem stuck because the exit panel is not in sight. Jump on the upper slippery platform, and a cloud will appear. Jump on the cloud and the exit panel will appear.

- The sliding ice can be very dangerous to walk on. One secret when jumping between icy platforms is to jump and grab on to the ledges. Rayman doesn't slide when he's hanging on a ledge. This can be a very effective strategy when jumping between small platforms.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.


Music Level 10

- There are no electoon cages on this level.

- This is the first time you will meet the second Boss of the game: Mr. Sax. When Mr. Sax blows false notes at you, punch them back into the hole in his horn.


Music Level 11

- Betilla the Fairy will give you the power to use your hair as a helicopter for short periods of time.

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