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Mountain Level 9

- After a long flat trek, fall down before you reach the grass and you'll find a magician.

- Jump into the next cavern, or the one after, and you'll find a group of tings.

- After the photographer, jump down to the left in the second cavern and you'll find a cage.

- When you see the series of blue steel balls, jump into either the second or third cavern and you'll find another cage.


Mountain Level 10

- This level gives you a chance to fight Mr. Stone one-on-one. In order to hurt him, you must jump up and punch the head of the silly looking totem pole in the middle of the screen. But the only way you can reach this high is by jumping on top of one of the rocks Mr. Stone throws at you.

Each time you hit Mr. Stone in this manner, run to the opposite side of the screen, avoid the obstacles he launches at you, and await the next stone. Be careful though because some of the more rapidly thrown stones cannot be used. You have to duck under them. Eventually clouds will appear which you can jump on as well. Don't forget to change sides each time Mr. Stone is hit.


Mountain Level 11

- Betillia the Fairy will give you the power to run.


Going Back in Band Land and Blue Mountains

- Now that you have the power to run, return to Bongo Hills in Band Land. On Music Level 1, just after you fall down on the walking drum, go left and down until you reach a crawl space beneath a drum.

Crawl left until you reach a gulf that seems to be a dead end. Using the running power, jump across the gulf as far as you can. If you jump far enough, clouds will appear to catch you. Jump upwards on the clouds until you reach one that moves. Ride this cloud to the right and it will take you to a group of tings. Once you grab the tings, a cage will appear.

- You can also now reach another electoon cage in Music Level 4 of Bongo Hills (the one with the lightening). Once you pass the upper level of drums shooting lightening at you, you will see a series of steps' leading downwards, each with an antitoon on it. Above these steps there is a flying hook. From the first step, use your running power (it is possible to reach this ring without the running power) to run and grab the hook. Then, swing once again to the right, and coast with the helicopter power to the electoon cage.

- With the power to run, you can also reach the remaining cage in Allegro Presto on Music Level 7. In the middle of this level, just after you see an arrow-shaped group of tings pointing upwards, pick up a lot of speed (by sliding downwards from the far left side of the screen to the far right side and then pressing the run button) and jump up to an icy ledge on the right side of the screen where you will find a hidden cage of electoons.

- In Gong Heights, you can now free the last cage of electoons which is on top of the second of the three flutes at the beginning of Music Level 12. Jump past the three flutes and onto the bongo that the Tibetan is holding. Then, with the running power, jump left towards the group of tings on the third flute. You will then be able to reach the electoon cage.

- In Twilight Gulch, just past the second rock monster, you will see a series of three downward sloping ledges. If you have the running power and the super golden fist', you can run from this first ledge, jump off to the right, coast with your helicopter power, and then punch and grab a flying hook. This ring will then lead to a cage not far above it. Reaching the flying hook can be challenging. We recommend picking up enough speed on the first ledge, but jumping before you pass a tiny rock near the middle of this same ledge. If you coast and punch at just the right moment, you'll make it.

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