Eraser Plains: Komplettlösung Rayman

Eraser Plains

Image Level 1

- Before jumping on the pencils, knock down the yin-yang and jump on it. Jump up to the next platform and go right to find more tings and a cage. Retrace your steps.

- While on the first pencil after the photographer, jump up between the two pencils above you and a power-up will appear. Grab the power-up and a platform will appear to the right which gives you access to a cage that will appear later on.

- When you arrive at the end of this level you will see 8 yin-yangs. Climb to the left to get the golden fist. A platform will appear. Jump on it and jump left to get the ting. A cage will appear on the other side of the eraser. Retrace your steps until you've arrived at the platform that will take you up to the level with the cage.

- You should use a lot of patience when jumping on the pencils. The helicopter power helps to slow your jumps when your timing is a little off.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.


Image Level 2

- After the first row of pencils you will see an electoon cage but you will not be able to reach it. If you jump on top of the second row of pencils and collect all of the blue tings, an elf will appear to shrink you. You will now be able to crawl between the erasers and reach the electoon cage.

Image Level 3

- When you see the first elf, don't touch it yet. Go above to the yin-yangs and punch away the pointed ones. Jump on the normal one and platforms will appear to take you to bonus power-ups. Another elf will appear allowing you to become small and access more bonuses below.

- Retrace your steps to the first elf you saw. Become big in order to get the next cage. There is a square bouncing eraser just past the jumping Antitoon. Jump onto it and then jump over to the moving platform to the right. From this platform you can wind up and punch the yin-yang to the left. Go back to the bouncing eraser, jump on top of the yin-yang, and then punch the cage.

- The second half of this level must be done twice: once large in order to get the last cage which is up high, and once small in order to get out.

- When you arrive at the very end of the level, Rayman will be large. Grab the flying hook and touch the fairy to become small again and get to the exit. Before you reach the maze that you can only pass when small, there is a narrow vertical passage after the oil slick that Rayman can climb up to reach some blue tings. Once you grab the tings a cage will appear to the left. Free the electoons and then retrace your steps to become small again and exit this level.


Image Level 4

- Here's your first chance to fight Space Mama. But first, you have to get past a couple of her pirate guards. The secret to getting past the first pirate is to move to the right of the screen and punch him in the corner. This way you won't have to dodge the second pirate's bombs, and the first pirate won't be able to duck underneath your punches.

Once you've gotten rid of the first pirate, jump up and knock the second pirate out of the ship. Move to the left side of the screen this time so that you can see his bombs coming. It takes 3 hits to knock him out of the ship.

- Space Mama can only be hit by jumping on top of the knives once they get stuck in the floor and then hitting her while she is in the air. Make sure that you use your running power to avoid the knives that come darting at you from above, and duck underneath the spinning knives that are low to the ground.

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